A Baller Wolf From The Kansas City Chiefs Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?

so no sooner than i posted that last entry,
i saw that fameolous posted another alleged sex tape leakage.
this time,
the alleged leakage is from baller wolf,
charcandrick west of the kansas city chiefs.
that is his first name and this is his alleged leakage for foxhole review



that poor snow bunny.
giving all that throat,
head all in the shot,
and nothing to be allegedly traced back to him.
well the pipe leakage because of the alleged hand tatt:

…but that sex tape leakage could be anyone.
i hope he beat it up more than that.
it looked like that vixen was doing all the work.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “A Baller Wolf From The Kansas City Chiefs Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?”

  1. My hometown lol and your late Mr fox lol I been seen this tape it was OK just a typical black man having unprotected sex and wanting to be put on a child support plain for 18 years nothing special

    1. And he’ll be arguing that it “ain’t my kid”…go figure. When will these dummies learn?!!
      STD’s are still out there!!

  2. I dont like this new fameolous site it is too focused on sexually explicit pics and videos.I used to think Fame was a gay man but apparently the site was run by a couple.She says her ex broke up with her so now she runs the site.She has been banned by Twitter after she keeps posting sexually explicit stuff.She has several back up pages because she keeps getting reported.

  3. I’m just not into peen. I do wonder what it is about pink vagina that str8 men find so magnetizing, tho. If umma watch, I wanna see glutes workin, LOL. These men are slow on the uptake with respects to condoms, tho. Eww.

  4. J on all these tapes most of the time old girl does everything idk these thots don’t get it if he can’t give u head on tape don’t give him none I think he’s fine I’ve seen him play he is packing but I say it’s not him but to whom it is Holla at me damn all that for a snowy thot boy bye

  5. I am not really impressed by the sex tape or his pipe. I have always thought he was handsome, but that is about it.

  6. Wasn’t a fan of this snippet. I hope he fucks better than he plays football. I had him as a backup RB for one of my fantasy football teams and he didn’t do anything. Got her doing all the work. I need for you to be DESTROYING that shit.

  7. He has a big big dick but he seems like a lazy fuck. I want to see how you move and groove. lol

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