The Pain of Taking Pipe

/the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is more than likely advised.

i have always admired those who take pipe well.
this is going to be a sexual entry.
God has already forgiven me.
so taking pipe in the life is an art form.
it takes a lot to have something going in and out of you.
speed and force tbd.
many love it,
but some can’t handle it.
it has literally turned some into full blown wolves.
as much as they have tried,
they simply can’t get into it.
all the cleaning and to actually stick it in.
you gotta be a real pipe enthusiast to deal.
those who love it are already prepared with what to expect.
either it’s gonna be:

a) “i could have caught up on season 2 of blackish instead of this.”
b) “omg! i didn’t know he could fuck!”

for those who get the latter,
it can turn you completely out.
i was watching this video and i said to myself:

“I don’t think this fox was ready for what this dl wolf was about to give.”

so um…

…did he not get the dick down of his life?
the dl wolf pulled his basketball shorts down halfway and was ready.
whenever i think of a dl wolf,
i think of one who fucks like ^that.
it’s pent up sexual aggression taken out on a willing tail.
it’s also forbidden and that maybe what’s so enticing about it.

taking pipe can sometimes be a challenge.
star fox (rip) was a pipe enthusiast who taught me a lot.
he was “level 10” in taking dl pipe,
but since he knew me,
he always suggested i get with wolves who will take it slow.
not everyone is willing to do that.
i’m not a fan of one nighters.
they are trying to get in there,
bang you into the headboard,
collect their nut,
and keep it moving.
i think that style is great for seasoned vets in the foxhole,
but for someone like me,
i’m not on that status of pipe taking life yet.
i still get the “i think ima shit” thought as he is putting it in.

 the dick enthusiasts of the foxhole…
do you find pipe is better with randoms?
someone you were talking to?
or whatever way it cums?

for those “level 10” in pipe taking,
i had to wonder

When did taking pipe become easier for you?

25 thoughts on “The Pain of Taking Pipe

  1. I’m no beginner. Taking a big one is great when you’re really turned on and the guy works you up to that. I’m dating a guy now whose around 10”. I was nervous at first but he’s patient and is generous with the foreplay. So now I’m excited to have him do me.

  2. I remember growing up and thinking that bigger was better, but boy was I wrong! I will never forget the day I opted for a big one and thought I was going to be able to handle it and teach him a thing or two, but he slid it in and literally gave me a run for my money(to get my ass in the nearest cab and go home!!!). Now I prefer average or just a little above. Either that or I’m the top for the night. But if my future soul mate happens to have a big one, then so be it and I’ll take one for the team. I’m more of the affectionate type when it comes to sex and expect my partner to be as well. It’s all about taking your time and learning your partner’s body and reactions.

  3. I saw that video on Tumblr and based on the top account,the bottom wanted to be used like a bitch and I think he gave him what the bottom did ask for
    Cause there are some another videos of the same top and he’s really gentle well it’s more passionate etc so it not his fault if he’s pounding that bussy out,he only providing the bottom needs loool

  4. I guess I am intermediate on the dick taking scale, if not a little below that. It definitely matters how turned on I am and how relaxed i am. I enjoy sex most with someone I really like or care about, and I find that it is much easier and enjoyable to take it. A lot of the enjoyment in sex when you bottom is the mental aspect. When I am relaxed and open, I like to get pounded to a degree, but the guy above would have been shown the door after the first thrust.

  5. I honestly don’t see any pleasur in those video, what i see it’s what happens too many times and what i’ve done sometimes, a bottom in pain but who still tries to please the top. Too many tops think the more it hurts the better they are. that’s why i always say when tho go crazy “it’s not a porn movie man calm the fuck down!!!”. Taking dick is easy when the top actually listen to the bottom, whe he takes time to prepare the ass. it’s simple, the bigger the dick the longer the foreplay. rim that shit, massage the anus, one finger, two fingers three fingers, put the tip, go slow, get out, in again, very slow, not to deep. It’s all about progression.

  6. Taking dick became easier when I got in a relationship. The guy I was with actually knew my body and what I liked. For me, sex is emotional lol. I feel dirty and used after a random hookup so I stopped. The wolf in the video above does not give a fuck about that fox. He’s constantly forcing him down and banging him like he’s a fuck toy.

    1. You Yip you know but a bottom got say it you know if you’re uncomfortable than sex is pointless I be dam if gonna smile and enjoy your self as I’m in pain and not having fun it’s like boy bye

  7. Listen, I’m not letting anyone but my husband get it like the above videos! This is partly why I’ve been celibate for the past 7 years. Niggas ain’t finna pound me out like that. I like the thought of being able to hold my bowels in my latter years. #IJS 😂

      1. I will never understand why guys go in like that. They be trying to have dudes walk around in Depends at an early age! Take it easy fellas, damn! Lol

  8. That wolf was gettin it in 👏🏾 That fox could barely keep his arch the dick was so good.

    I’m on the same level as you lol I’m not a pipe taking expert but not a beginner either. Then again tho I just found out about the whole putting vanilla extract into your douch bottle while cleaning yourself out.

    I found the out the more comfortable I am with the person the easier it is, when I used to do one night stands if I wasn’t as comfortable with the dude I was more tensed .

      1. I’ve heard that adding a little bit to the water you use to clean your self out with makes your butt taste better for the wolf rimming you.

        1. Yeah I figured it ads flavor r cent honestly I got info from a chick I do honey and brown sugar

      2. ^Heard that wasn’t a good idea. women using it to douche, it can dry out the vaginal area…and can cause infections.
        and the extract has alcohol…which can burn as you know.
        If you want to entice someone….clean the ass out good and let them use honey, syrup, or whip cream to “sweeten the pot” so to speak Lol

  9. Well me myself it depends on the size of dick as well as how you feel about him I mean this looks sexy ass hell to me i let him fuck Me silly but if he packing like this guy and you’re a amateur don’t take it on your back he all in but medium size feels great but I think a dick should be big and you can practice alone to get ready

      1. Yeah true but to me depends on the nature of you and him not to mention he don’t have to put it all in at once I prefer no I demand it slow and sexy sex is to be enjoyd if you in a hurry don’t bother I like it all night and not rush and deep I’m no porn star you gotta keep 100

    1. lol. right thats why i always say I prefer a top to be at least average to above average 6-8 inches. Preferably no bigger than 7.5 with a decent I dont understand them bottoms niglets that feels they have to have a 9 incher or bigger. Tops that never bottom cant imagine how that shit feels sometimes when they just jack hammering you, esp the ones that have no I can be a good hurt or a get the fuck off me hurt. I would rather some stroking vs the straight pounding like the top in the vids were doing.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you anymore honestly. I’m glad somebody isn’t ashamed of being comfortable w/ average dick sized men. Don’t get me wrong it would be nice to suck the BIG ones but as far as penetration I say hell to the nawl. I love have tight insides and don’t need my walls disrupted taking enormous dicks fr

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