Something Is Up With Stella Bulochnikov (Mariah Carey’s Manager)

i’m not really a fan of mariah’s manager,
stella bulochnikov.
ever since she teamed up with mc,
all kind of shit has been off.
so you know how mariah has that reality show i refuse to watch?
oh you didn’t?
well now you know.

well they just released this as the promo for this week…

is that really a good idea after an airport shooting this week?
it was a little tacky.
stella also been doing way too much talking too.
you would think she was the star.
well i hear she is trying to be on the reality show.
this is what she said about tommy mottola via e news:

“I’m sure he’s jealous because Mariah Carey is conquering every single medium despite him… So I’m sure Tommy Mottola can’t handle it. I’m sure he’s jealous because nobody’s worked for him in 15 years and he decided to crawl out of his cave and dust himself off. And you know what my response is? He can just shut the f–k up and mind his own business. He should shut the f–k up and mind his own business, he has some nerve.”

since when does a manager speak to the press like that?
even tho tommy had his moment of evil,
you can’t deny he had mariah’s career pretty flawless during the 90s.
i don’t see any issue with what he ( x said ).
something is up with stella.
i wouldn’t be surprised she was a she-hyena in disguise.
keep an eye out on her.

quote taken: e online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Something Is Up With Stella Bulochnikov (Mariah Carey’s Manager)”

    1. Solar Fox,

      I was thinking of Selena manager before I scrolled down and I hope this woman does not cause any harm to Mariah, even though she is not one of my favorites…

  1. this partnership isn’t going to last. I got a feeling that we will be hearing about Mariah letting her go.

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