Tommy Mottola Wants Us To Hear His Opinion

so tommy mottola makes his appearance.
for those who never left their den,
he is mariah’s trifling ex hyena.
well he decided to write an open letter about mariah through page six.
this is what he had to font

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola urges the singer to seek “more seasoned and respected professionals” to guide her career after her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. He also blasts the singer’s decision to do a reality show in a letter exclusively given to Page Six.

MC is arguably the greatest pop voice to come along in the last three decades. She has had more number one hits than any pop artist in history!!! She is a global icon and a treasure with incredible talent not only as a singer but as a great songwriter. What happened on NYE could’ve happened to anyone! Yes, her technical people should’ve helped pay more attention to all of it so that there was no chance of that happening.”

Mottola launched Carey’s career in 1990 with “Vision of Love.” They wed in 1993, but divorced in 1998. Still, he continues to criticize her management and reality show, “Mariah’s World.”

“My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career! I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it!!” Mottola wrote, adding, “That does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent!! She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next. That is what she does best.. most certainly none of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony for the first 10 years when she skyrocketed to global superstardom!! Where absolutely meticulous and methodical attention was paid to every single detail and nuance that went on into her career!”

Mottola, now a producer of Broadway’s “A Bronx Tale,” believes there’s still hope for Carey. “It could have happened to anyone and it has, so everyone should just get off her back and leave her the hell alone and hopefully she will find her way to the right professionals for guidance. It’s never about the fall, it’s all about the recovery.”

Meanwhile, Carey’s manager Stella Bulochnikov fired back, “Really? Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone?”

i find this letter funny.
it’s always the triflin ex/friend/family member that becomes sympathetic.
this is usually after you leave their ass and don’t look back.
even though he makes some valid points about her career,
he is also responsible for doing damage to mariah as well.
he was allegedly very abusive to her.
i think that may have messed her up mentally.
he also had a hand in trying to banish her career with his power.
he allegedly used jennifer as a pawn in his evil sociopathic games.
suddenly he is full of concern?

“hey bighead”

he must miss her.
i do think she needs to clean house and start over.
everytime i think this story ends,
it always starts back up with some nonsense.
as for mariah:

i think she has pretty much moved on.

article credited: page six

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Tommy Mottola Wants Us To Hear His Opinion”

  1. I co-sign everything he stated and as for Carey’s manager Stella Bulochnikov, this shit would not have happened had she been doing her job. Calling somebody a relic!!! Does she not know the power Of Mr. MOTTOLA?!?! That man is Iconic for what he did in the record business and also known to be very dangerous so she need to shut up before she pisses him off. Concentrate on doing your job sweetie!! Excuse my French.

    1. ^@Mysonne…what power does Mottola have?! Maybe at one point, but not any longer.
      I’ve heard that he’s pissed off a lot of people over the years, so there are many artists and execs who cannot stand him.

  2. I believe it about J. Lo. I find it hard to believe she went from Flygirl to international superstar with marginal singing or acting ability without doing some questionable stuff lol

      1. LOL. Of course…she used that ass to get ahead! It got her some big name boyfriends…Puffy/Ben Affleck/Marc Anthony, etc.

  3. NEVER FORGET…Tommy Mottola is the same snake that used his connections to get Mariah’s Glitter album demos before they came out and had Jennifer Lopez re-record the best tracks for her second album and release them before Mariah could. That is the origin of the “I don’t know her” memes. Ja Rule even admits it. Just Google “Ja Rule Tommy Mattola Mariah Carey.” That is how J Lo started popping.

    I do agree with Tommy in that her new manager Stella is no good. She is firing Mariah’s closest allies and fucking her career up.

    I know someone in the Foxhole has to have some insight on this Mariah and Stella bullshit.

    1. ^you are so right about this.
      i know someone who was involved in that situation and they told me that jlo was also allegedly messing with tommy.
      she was allegedly claiming him hard in public and he had to shut that down.
      this was after he divorced mariah and he was in “sabaotge” mode of her career.

      stella seems like a double agent to me.
      twist in the story: she a spy for jennifer lolol

    2. If I remember the stories right, Tommy was abusive and controlling. He rarely let her out of his sight, just look at her deameanor and albums before Butterfly. Once she broke free, with Butterfly, she took off (no pun intended). She fell off after Glitter, went into meltdown mode until Emancipation of Mimi, then regressed again. Management needs to go, he’s right about THAT…but he really should keep his mouth shut about anything else. He was part of the problem, not the solution.

      1. ” Jamari and @Christian Ah, I didn´t know the J.Lo allegedly messed with Mattola! Wow, no wonder! LOL!

  4. there some truth in what he said. I do believe that Mariah needs to clean house.

  5. So, Im still trying to figure out why the hell didnt she just acapella the damn thing. And why dont anyone every talk about how Mariah stole that man from his wife? lol

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