Cam Newton: The King Baller Wolf of Petty

cam newton is an incredible baller wolf,
but he is also a divo.

it’s no secret.
well who knew he was super petty?
i don’t think that’s a secret as well.
well a reporter started questioning cam about a picture on his ig.
well this was cam’s response

“no i want you to go back and like the picture”

 i want his petty for my 2017.

lowkey: do you see those arms tho?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Cam Newton: The King Baller Wolf of Petty”

  1. Something very sexy about the way he said “did you like it?”….I felt that in my drawers 😂🙌🏾

    1. Mane, I heard from fam in the QC…he got that bomb bootay but its hell gettin at it…he makes a brutha put in work.

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