So I Watched “Black Magic” and Well…

so this is the first reality show i’ve watched in a long time.
as you know,
i’ve banished reality shows from my programming.
i ended up watching auntie viv’s “black magic” tonight and well…

i liked it.
it had half naked wolves,
which held my interest,
and it was pretty entertaining.
a few things:

  • how did steven beck get on this show?
    he cannot dance.
    was it for eye candy purposes?
  • heat wasn’t as corny as he is on his social media.
    i guess he needed a platform to show his personality.
  • alvester is already starting out bad.
    i can see why his success has peaked if this is his real attitude.
  • darrin’s dance grooves tho?
    no other choreographer was available?
  • legit thought the designer was a vixen.
    is she transitioning?
  • i could do with some “penetration”
  • white chocolate is another who cannot dance.
    i think he is getting by on white privilege.
  • slo-motion is fine.
  • i think i’m missing someone…
    or are they just that forgettable.
  • this:

    …is the star of that show.
    he is incredibly charismatic.
    i can see why he is successful and probably gets a ton of pussy.

  • i’m side eyeing auntie for not having bolo audition.
    she just “flew him in” and threw him into the fold?
    if auntie got ( x a sample of that pipe )…
    i wouldn’t judge.
    even those two assistants of hers.
    how can they be around all that meat and not want a sample?

i will probably keep up with the show if i remember.
if any of the foxhole got a chance to watch


lowkey: i bet those vixens pay top dollar to get fucked by strippers.
i would drop a hunnid or two or some fantasy dick.

26 thoughts on “So I Watched “Black Magic” and Well…

  1. Yes Bolo, Heat and Steven are the shitttt! I think Heat is the most handsome but bolo has the best body. I saw them perform in LA and the show was pretty good, but nothing compared to the afterparty. Bolo has the biggest dick BY FAR but White Chocolate’s is pretty big too, then heat, then Steven. All in all they hot

  2. Eric I know many do but it’s so hush hush like athletes and actors but just be patient you’re come across one bit is it me but heat and Steve beack seem low low to me I may try to book Steve my self and c if I can test the waters. I

    1. Shit I know I would love to test the waters. I would love a private party with Steven and Bolo, just the three of us lol. Ricardo are you saying you hired (straight) male dancers before to dance for you?

      1. Eric I’ve hired a stripper only once I think he was bi but I’ve called around its like yes r known u don’t no if there dl r all about money but in private who knows I think some will dance for you one on one than a room full of men they will appear out r gay I’m no longer surprised who mess around.

    2. @Ricardo…your chances would be better if this show fails and is not renewed. right now they are basking in the spotlight of the show, and getting money from the episodes they filmed. If this doesn’t pan out…Heat will be back in NY and on his website jerking/fucking and Steven will be back on IG hard either “training” someone or hanging with his boy Derek.

      And you’re right about some strippers stripping for dudes on the low. If the money is right…they’ll do it.

      1. Yes I know I wish them all well but a show all about the black man stripping isn’t gonna be to big of a deal now behind the scenes reality show with all the drama and women and lies that’ll be a hit besides you no more of us men are watching then women

    1. I would agree with you on this statement with one exception…I think Steven has the charisma and charm.
      Heat is handsome as fuck and has a nice physique. Steven is also handsome with a nice body. Bolo has a nice body as well…and knows how to do some crazy shyt with it. HE knows how to move!

      1. Christian your right about the men. I also noticed Steven seemed so likeable. On Instagram he seems so cocky and arrogant, but on the show he seemed so humble and sweet. I was like damn I like him even more now.

  3. On the last post I said that Steven was shading Heat by not tagging him on pics but apparently they made up because Steven has been tagging Heat in all the pics today.Also I watched them on the Today Show and they seemed to be good.

    I still don’t know why she picked”White Chocolate”unless Lifetime told her to be racially inclusive.

  4. Overall all the men the look good but the ones that I am here for is Bolo, and Steven. I would love that job of rubbing then down with oil, or getting their measurements for outfits. I would be so slick to rubbing all on their chest and backs. I have no words other than Bolo is the truth, that man is beyond fine. He also a calendar coming out soon. Vivica does seem like a pimp though. Even, though these dancers are straight. I wonder how many would dance at a private party for men?

    1. Damn excuse my typos on my previous post. I was on my break at work trying to finish my comment, but Y Colette your funny girl. I always heard that some (straight) male strippers get down. I need to find some of them asap.

  5. Bolo is the truth. He is one fine mother…. shut your mouth. Lol. I could watch him all day. Handsome and masculine. Steven Beck is eye candy. The white guy is? Back to Bolo…lol.

  6. I love Bolo always but honestly Steven beack and heat are dam fine not bad at all they really need to drop viv asap

  7. I’ve been a fan of Bolo since the first time I saw him on MyVidster and a snow vixen sucked him off on stage at a show. Can’t find the video now. Maybe Aunt Viv had it scrubbed off the web.

    I used to date a guy in Vivica’s circle. This was after Kill Bill and 50 Cent. She had major buzz. Then she got a DUI, lost her Cadillac endorsement and was on a cell phone vid sucking dick in ATL. That video seems to be scrubbed from he web as well.

  8. I hope aunt viv is getting some pipe men in that position do it all the time, how could she pass up a chance to slid under Bolo.

  9. I’m mean Bolo is the man I’ve said it first time I saw this king and haven’t stopd I’m really lost for words on this show but to me he is the show and vivica comes off as a pimp I’m like girl bye they hot with out you her purpose is?

  10. Bolo is the truth. I hate he is not my secret anymore because he is about to explode for the world to appreciate.
    I thought Steven Beck came off very humble and had a boyish charm to him that I have never noticed before.
    No words for Alvester. I can understand his concerns but he just came off very rude and all mighty.

    1. I agree he was like my dl man no one new oh well I still can dream more exposure means I see him more and more pics

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