Model Wolf, Lamar Gordon, Gets Some Pipe and Tail Leakage?

/the entry contains explicit content.
viewer discretion is advised.

handsome wolf,
he is a looker.
well i got an interesting foxmail from a hunter in the social media forests.
this is what was sent to me:

Hey Jamari,

I’m a big fan. I check your blog so damn often it’s crazy but I came across something on tumblr. A guy named Lamar Gordon nudes are on there, it’s like a full body hard dick stuff and he’s a aspiring model or whatever. My thing is I seen the same for shondell cummings and that bake dude that foto119 photoed. Foto119 profiled all 3 of these guys I mentioned above and all 3 of their nudes was or is on tumblr with the same style pics.

I’m not saying it’s foto119 exactly but do you think that a photographer is requesting nudes before they shoot a guy? I don’t have enough info on this yet and I’m not that diligent lol. But your readers are, they’ll get to the bottom of this because it may have guys I missed. This would be a interesting topic to discuss…

well thank you foxholer!
here are the pipe and tail leakage for review
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