The Straight Wolves Are So “Open” Nowadays

i’ve started to notice something with this “nude” era.
i don’t know if it’s alarming or if this is just how shit is.
the straight wolves of today send nudes first and get to know you after.
i was on a tumblr called “beenbaitingsincethe90s” and was hooked.
^that wolf in the graphic above…
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They Only Tolerate You Until You Confirm You’re Gay

tumblr_n13jm1R5i01sxcpxoo1_500don’t say it.
you read me right.
don’t you dare say it.
don’t let those straight wolves know you are gay.
you may be dressing them,
cooking for em,
rescued their cat from a tree,
paid for their trip to the circus,
and they know you ain’t dating no vixen…
they liked you before.
they may have thought you were “different”,
but as soon as you confirm your sexuality,
they’ll be out and slam the door behind them.
suddenly they think you secretly been plottin’ on them.
get over yourself.
a foxhole sent me these tweets about deray today.
it contained opinions about his sexuality from straight wolves…

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Checkbox: “Not Trying To Get Attached”?

tumblr_myz1roEUaj1sdaeu9o1_500so the straight wolves have a new scheme to cheat.
maybe the gay wolves too?
i don’t know.
so i decided to sit in with some of the straight wolves at work.
i love straight wolves because they put you up on game.
their stories are rather interesting because either:

a) they exaggerate the entire story for fellow wolf points
b) they are completely raw and honest about their fuckery

they will even come with proof.
well they were having a discussion on getting pussy outside their relationship.
i’m sure the straight vixens reading are about to explode.
this is what they are doing now…

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So Are All The Straight Wolves Are Eatin’ Booty Like Groceries?

tumblr_nlt4l0chxH1rl3bsyo1_500“if you ain’t lickin’ this,
then you ain’t stickin’ this,
and i got witnesses.
ask any nigga i been with…
they ain’t hit shit till they stuck their tongue in this.
i ain’t wit that frontin’ shit…
– not tonight, lil kim.

my motto for life.
so it seems like all the straight wolves are admitting to eatin’ the bunz these days.
i guess its trendy to have a mouth full of bootyhole all of a sudden.
from songs talking’ about eatin cheeks,
to wolves being more honest about their freakiness on social media,
it seems that the world has changed the rules on sex.
should we thank the makers of instagram and twitter?
should we thank artists pushing the sexual limits in their music?
well the thing that got me is…

Wasn’t eatin’ bunz a “gay thing” tho?

the following topic and the content underneath is nsfw,
and may offend straight eyes…

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Straight Wolves You Want 2 Smash (Hard) Can Be Your Friends

tumblr_mrqampgBBi1qb0bzxo1_500i have a lot of straight wolf friends.
some of them are fine as hell.
i don’t actively try to seduce straight wolves.
if i did,
my sex life might be a lot more poppin’.
so would my health insurance.
i’m very shy and i’m terrified of rejection.
either way,
there is always that one “straight” wolf i meet that would latch onto me.
i always meet one of  them before an actual “gay/bi” wolf.
ive been told i’m a little intimidating.
i don’t know.
either way i’m over that scene.
i was talking to my cousin hyrbid about the “work wolf” chronicles.
even tho he isn’t close,
talking to him usually brings me so much peace.
he is the only one in this life,
next to the foxhole,
i actively communicate with.
he stopped dating colored and moved onto snow hybrids.
well i was asking him an easier way to get over all of this.
well this is what he told me via whatsapp
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Straight Wolves Vs The Gay Blogs

6822281-1but i like this.
okay so one of my newer readers,
wrote this in my comments after my ( x rant ).
i wanted to share it with everyone because i thought it was pretty deep…
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