Straight Wolves You Want 2 Smash (Hard) Can Be Your Friends

tumblr_mrqampgBBi1qb0bzxo1_500i have a lot of straight wolf friends.
some of them are fine as hell.
i don’t actively try to seduce straight wolves.
if i did,
my sex life might be a lot more poppin’.
so would my health insurance.
i’m very shy and i’m terrified of rejection.
either way,
there is always that one “straight” wolf i meet that would latch onto me.
i always meet one ofย  them before an actual “gay/bi” wolf.
ive been told i’m a little intimidating.
i don’t know.
either way i’m over that scene.
i was talking to my cousin hyrbid about the “work wolf” chronicles.
even tho he isn’t close,
talking to him usually brings me so much peace.
he is the only one in this life,
next to the foxhole,
i actively communicate with.
he stopped dating colored and moved onto snow hybrids.
well i was asking him an easier way to get over all of this.
well this is what he told me via whatsapp

tumblr_inline_n2nlq8xAda1rt6qr4i didn’t think of that.
so he delved further:

convohyvrid2and then he hit me with this:

hybridconvo387114-jennifer-aniston-thinking-okay-K2Eji mean even tho it sucks a fat donkey dick,
there is nothing wrong with a friendship.
i can’t cut someone off because i’m feeling a certain way.
thats not fair and would come off weird.
work wolf didn’t do anything to me.
my feelings did something to me.
they need to be checked ASAP.
i could destroy a potential friendship over my own fuck shit.

lowkey: he texted me last night.
i wasn’t gonna answer,
but i said why not?
he wanted to thank me for all the help.

“shut the fuck up with that mushy shit”

he laughed.
i told him have a good weekend and enjoy his upcoming date.


Author: jamari fox

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43 thoughts on “Straight Wolves You Want 2 Smash (Hard) Can Be Your Friends”

  1. I love the last line your cousin sent you in that snippet you showed us. Things only mean something when you give them meaning. Who cares what everyone else thinks. Just be, and define your own relationships, and live under the banner of your own labels, if any at all. Its your life!

      1. Yes! The less complicated, the better is my disposition! It is what it is. it could be everything, it could be nothing, but that’s between you two! I think the straights are guilty of complicating it a bit too i.e: just because we’re gay/bi, we automatically want them? um, nope. That’s just presumptuous. I think having an understanding between the two men allows those doors to open.

  2. Different strokes for different folks! Whatever works for you and your cousin.

    I can’t lie though. My initial reaction literally was “fuck that!” Lmao!

    Too many assumptions to me.

    Assuming he wants to be a better man or find a proper girlfriend at the moment, if ever.

    Still sounds like holding on to me. While you’re grooming him to be a better man and find someone else, what are you doing for yourself?

    Had a coworker that did something similar, he was the best man in the wedding of his “best friend/life long crush/ambiguous lover”. Of course when he got married and started having kids he was left behind. You can find him on jackd now in his 40s trying to pick up dudes half his age.

    Nothing wrong with being friends with the dude, but if its coming from the wrong place and with ulterior motives (conscious or subconscious), you’ll find yourself in a constant cycle of being resentful towards him about your feelings.

      1. He’s a cautionary tale. Got some 20 year old ex-boyfriend still living with him rent free too. Fucked and sucked most of the bi/gay dudes that worked at our job from ages 18-45. Lol

        He invited me to the bachelor party and I politely declined. First, they’re all twice my age, second they were probably masquerading this bachelor party as one last gay sex party before dude got married.

        His homie will gladly drop his 3 toddlers over at his house, but they don’t hangout at all unless the wife is with them. Wonder why? lol

  3. Well, the two of you obviously can’t kiss and cuddle lol. Just be his friend and keep your emotions out of the equation.

  4. I agree with your cousin because I’m going through the exact same situation with this straight wolf. We always hang out we eat out A lot together and over the past few months We have really grown close even though we first started talking he knew I had feelings for him and we used to mess around a little bit that made my feelings with him even harder and deeper and it just came to a point where I was seeing him more as a crush and not as a friend.

    One day I just laid it out on the table and told him that I have feelings for him and that he’s not returning those feelings and its making me feel some kind of way. He just told me straight up that while he has love for me he doesn’t love me in that way. He told me he considered me his best friend and that he could never be romantic with another guy.

    So to make a long story short we still kick it we’re still friends we hang out and we have a friendship where to the outside wall we might like the gay couple because he treats me like a girlfriend (full hugging me bye when part, opening the door for me, complementing me on my outfit the way a guy does for a girl) but Then he will flip it and treat me like one of the guys or his best buddy ( dapping me up, shoving playfully, playing video games) idk I just see when this friendship takes me.

    1. ^while you are his friend,
      still keep your options open.
      like all the way open.
      don’t get caught up waiting Mikey.
      use Jay story as the example.
      it did for me.

      1. I give full hugs to my straight guy friends too! I’m not attracted to them like that though, so to me it doesnt mean anything. They hold the doors for me too and we compliment each other on our haircuts/outfits etc.

        I don’t question it though. We understand our friendship so its not a big deal. The difference is, they dont know that I get down, or maybe one does, but he definitely doesnt care lol, and the other difference is i dont have feelings for either of them. Luckily they’re not my type, while they are attractive guys.

        Its different if they know you get down and you’re attracted to them, but when we take that element out of it, it literally means almost nothing!

        I think perception is everything in these situations!

        Be natural mikey, and just let it happen, I think when you take the feelings out of it( which is hard to do) it makes it a LOT easier.

        But obviously, if it were that easy, none of us would learn anything.

      2. Yeah, (to not go into too much detail on that refer back to your “head wolf” post you wrote many moons ago.)It’s fine now our friendship is in a place where we both want to be in other lives platonically, it’s just a process on my end, he says he knows I can’t just turn my feelings off at the stop of a watch, so we’re taking it day by day.

    2. Wait a minute…wait one minute. You confessed your feelings to your straight friend? C’mon man. How do y’all get caught up like that? Nah. When he said he doesn’t want to be with a man, leave it at that. If he wanted you Mikey, you would have him by now man. If you are not able to control your feelings, the friendship needs to end. I’m serious.

      1. We need to do some community service where we take these out here dudes on date.

        Give them some hope! Lol

        Show them they don’t have to wash their straight friend’s dirty draws or pray every night he’ll fall in love with him.

        Take them to chipotle and give them some good eye contact and conversation. Touch their hand and back a few times.

        They might die at the end of the night lol

      2. Chipotle JAY? really? LMAO! Its that easy for you wolves eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I know you’re joking but some wolves do that shit ROFL!

        Us foxes gotta step-up our game apparently! I would’ve asked you where we were going after, and if you said “this is it” I would suddenly be “busy”, order my food, and go back home LOL!

        Foxes, this has got to be a two way street from now on.
        Listen, idc how lonely I would ever be, but I don’t waste my time with anyone who isn’t going to put in any effort, that shit pisses me off, I deserve more than that LOL, not asking for money, just for some effort. I will make an effort, and so will you, or I will find someone else

        I won’t be the fox that waits for a “wolf” to make my life happen for me, why do they have all the power? Because we created that dynamic. I’m a man, you’re a man, treat me with some damn respect. Don;t like it? get lost, is my thoughts on that. I shouldn’t be the only one sweatin’ in this situation. It takes two to tango, and if you’re not tangoing as much as I am, then I’ll find a better dance partner who gets the idea.

        I may be a lot of things, but I’ll never be THAT guy! No one is worth that to me.
        (this wasn’t directed at you JAY, but the wolves out here who think every fox is THAT easy. Take that arrogance elsewhere, not to me, I’d rather be alone) lol.

      3. LOL. I believe the shortage of quality masculine tops is why this occurs. The demand of good masculine tops is high, but there is a lack of supply of them. I took economics lol. This results in Foxes turning to straight men to look for masculine traits that will satisfy them. Am I right y’all? I know what it is. There is already a shortage, but a lot of tops are not up to par, not just regarding their masculinity, but their personality traits as well. Some of them are just jerks, while others just aren’t masculine enough for Foxes. Let’s keep it real. I been around the way and seen some shit over the years lol. For example, that kat I was after, he’s almost a butch queen, I didn’t tell y’all that. “You’re a top? LMAO” I died. Listen…if that’s what Foxes are resorting to, then that’s why they turn to straight men. It’s dry out here lol. There is a lack of good quality masculine tops, it’s that simple. They don’t want semi-masculine dudes with major character flaws topping them lol. C’mon man!!!

        Maybe we should teach a class on top etiquette JAY. That’s the issue.

      4. You’re spot on with the supply and demand reference.

        Its true, there’s a bit of a tug-of-war with foxes being too demanding about masculinity, when they aren’t much masculine themselves, and wolves being sloppy, ratchet, or “not masculine enough” (I love concepts that relate to identity such as masculinity/gayness/blackness/whitewashed etc, its my strength, I think I will write about this in an essay one day)

        LOL about that pedo. You did imply it because you were so shocked ROFL!

        I will not be resorting to that for my top.

        I refuse to take the scraps of humankind. I’m not demanding the best, but i just want a decent dude whos okay with himself and is intelligent. Is that too much to ask? I dont care much about dick-size and he doesnt have to be super muscular either. I’m not pressuring anyone to fill a role for me, I dont need all that. I do like masculine men, but I think my own definitions of masculinity are a lot more broad and forgiving than what were used to hearing/seeing. Its more of an innate quality to me, either you got it or you don’t. No fronting!
        Besides I don’t like too masculine or hypermasculine where he can’t express himself around me because of societal pressures and expectations. Just BE YOU DAMMIT! LOL!

      5. Yeah… The friendship was close to ending because he said he didn’t want to be the cause of me being depressed( since he could notice a sadder change in personality when we would hang out) and he wouldn’t want to do that to me. We cut out all sexual acts and its been helping.

  5. Um… I like Chipotle though lol.

    I told you guys how I met one guy there and I just paid for his food because I was first at the register anyway.

    Got some head and a handjob with some VS mango lotion in his car. He also drunk dialed me and told me he really liked me and no one had ever did anything like that for him before and he wanted to come ride my dick until my head exploded.

    My response: “Ummm…ok”

    He wasn’t a ratchet dude either and he didn’t appear to be poor.

    Maybe it was just the gesture, the fact I was engaging, or the burrito, or a combination of the three. Lol

    In closing, don’t underestimate the power of Chipotle. I mean think about it, if a dude takes you for Chipotle you know he’s not trying to fuck at the end of the night otherwise he’d only buy you lettuce. Lol

      1. Lol I don’t get what’s wrong with Chipotle though?!

        Dignified can get his food and leave, I’ll be sad singing Keyshia Cole songs for a minute, but here in Texas all the fine dudes and young people are in Chipotle like a club since they serve margaritas too.

        All I gotta do is is two step to the next table over and some cutie will ease my pain lol

        Those are the benefits of being in demand when there’s a shortage MAN. lol

        The problem isn’t that the tops have no manners, there are just very few and they don’t care to settle down in most cases. Add to that most bottoms are highly selective too.

        Like that K. Michelle song goes “You Can’t Make a Top” lol

    1. LMFAO JAY! STOP! ROFL you’re killing me here!

      I saw that comment from you that one time, I was dying lol!

      Nothing’s wrong with Chipotle LOL!

      but I just hope you wouldnt drag my ass out of my house JUST for Chipotle, and then try to get it in with me on the first “date”/meeting (whatever you wanna call it lol)!
      You will have to show me a lot more! I would agree to the Chipotle as a easy-going “getting to know you” type of thing, I dont have a problem with that, but it depends on your intentions.

      Sounds great for lunch, but that better be a pit-stop because were hungry haha!

      Some of these wolves out here thinking taking a fox to Chipotle or better yet MCDONALDS is enough to get me to smash
      UHM NOPE! at least not by itself homie!

      Unless you manage to get through my defenses that quick with your charm and intelligence, Idk if I want to send that message that “hey, you can just walk in my presence and I will just throw my draws and ass at you” uh, no, even if I think you’re sexy, I dont conduct myself like that.

      You wolves said it yourselves, if we want you to take us seriously, we can’t just give it up at first sight and be thirsty, if you want it, earn it.

      You need to feel that I am a fox WORTHY of the extra effort, because fuck-it I am, and I will be willing to show you why, but you need to deserve it too. I ALSO have a choice, and as sexy or whatever as you may be, I need more.

      That was cute that you bought him lunch though. I don’t have the balls to give random people head like that! I would say thank you and offer to pay you back.

      How would you define “highly selective?”. I think some foxes would need to hear that!
      For me, as long as you’re a decent person, who’s okay with themselves, and isnt a bum, or a mooch, has some aspirations that hes working towards, I wont write you off! The physical shit comes after. oh, and we HAVE to get along.<<<<<<<<<< MOST important. but thats basic shit ,no?

      S/N I still have yet to try Chipotle LOL! Take me to Big Smokes Burger, and I'm YOURS LOL! (even better, a BURGER PLACE LOL!)

      Or I could leave and you find another willing fox… -__-


      1. Highly selective meaning they’ll frankly say they want someone 6’4 packing 12in who’s NEVER bottomed before. Good luck with that lol

        Let’s be clear though, the meal is just a courtesy, not a down payment on sex because it isn’t necessary lol.

        I mean if we want to go back to my thottin days I could skip straight to the sex and you’d buy me chipotle or a double cheeseburger afterwards…happily lol

        I might have to get you to hook me up a double cheeseburger with some canadian bacon and cheese fries lol

      2. lmao yeah, I hope those people aren’t being taken seriously. I mean c’mon, thats a joke. Might as well fuck a mannequin LOL! I don’t even want that.

        Give me a normal man, with a normal, healthy dick with some self-esteem, and can hold a conversation, and smells good, a nice presence, and I’m sold. Don’t get me wrong, I do have preferences, but it doesnt come first

        I must be a new breed of fox then, because I don’t create expectations for others that I can’t honour myself. Its not fair. I’m not even close to that. I’m athletic/slim and like average height so as long as your around my height, don’t see any problems.

        Oh good, as it should be! At least you know what the deal is! As long as you know Chipotle isn’t a 5-star restaurant (not that I’m looking for that). Okay, fine, I wouldn’t get my food and leave then, I’d sit with you. You’re not one of “those wolves” but I must say, I’d be watching intently LOL! and we’d pay dutch unless you insisted. I can pay for my own shit!

        LOL @ thotting days!

        HA! I’d be curious to see how you’d swindle me to buy you Chipotle! I’m selfish with my money so good luck lol! Oh man! You must have worked these foxes out here damn! I may be new to the game, but I’m smarter than that LOL! You’d have to be BAE for me to buy anyone shit! It seems that the gay community in general needs a lot of work. We expect too much from each other and use each other. I don’t want to be a part of that.

        Oh man, its some good shit, its a juicy gourmet burger, and you can get all of that. If you’re a good boy I may treat you that one day ;) aint come free though!

  6. Jamari, Jamari, Jamari-
    Sometimes you see the brick wall ahead of you and run into it anyway. I think it comes with the testosterone. Trust that we of the foxhole will be here to bandage your head and kiss it better once you run headlong into the work-wolf wall. It’s going to hurt, worse than it already does. But, it won’t break you. (PS-ever notice how you never see a little girl with a band-aid on her forehead?)

      1. I know, boo. It gets better. These demons must be exorcised. It’s better that you get it out of your system by chasing the unattainable. Perhaps that will inoculate you against the analogous and much worse version of this same spirit of insecurity. In that version you meet someone who wants you as much as you want him and convince yourself that he can’t be all that if he wants to be with you. If you insist on running into a brick wall, the work-wolf one is the better choice.

        (By the fucking way, you have to be more than you think you are if all of us give a shit! And, we do.)

  7. I say end it and distance yourself while your ahead you are the sum of your emotions take that out of the equation and what do you have a incomplete you in a relationship that will go only so far

    If your dressing this guy and listening to all the girls he wants to smash particularly one you despise you are wasting your time especially if your not on his Roster

    All the straight friends I have I always asked them are we fucking or have we fucked before I say this because I don’t want to get to a point of being deeply attracted to them that it puts me in a spot where I want something they can’t give me

    Which as a human that desire of unrequited attraction will drive people crazy it ain’t worth it J you should either bite the bullet and be upfront tell the truth and get the truth or keep getting led around by your own fantasies because either way you look at it it’s his call not yours

    I often let my straight friends know that they should not be so relaxed with me as to tell me everything about them because I’m not letting myself be put in an intimate situation that I cannot control

    and surprisingly some well most tend to want to be around me more but all in all use your head youve come ways too far to be caught up in something that can easily drain you emotionally and spritually

    Thanks for the blog

    1. ^you are absolutely right.
      the reason I won’t be as bold is because he works at my job.
      so I keep it professional.
      all signs are pointing to me backing up tho.
      as much as I’d love to be his friend,
      I simply can’t.
      I am pretty drained and even if this worked out,
      I can only imagine what I would be like if I got the dick.
      God forbid the dick is mind blowing.

      so I’ll make the effort to let this go.
      the foxhole is right.
      my sanity is worth more than this.

      1. I don’t blame you if you dont mind me saying from the outside looking in you are supplementing this guy for boyfriend material

        But J cmon man you know this isn’t the one we are all waiting for dont switch out your baller wolf for some 9 to 5 office trade lol

        And plus who knows but most likely this guy might at a full moon turn pineapple and sell you out to that thing whose name we do not speak of for some heady monster at any point you are that close to her

        That puts you in a bad spot

        Look just keep building that empire and hold out a little longer till the one who rides for you comes

        Then post about how brutal the pipe game is Lolol

        Good luck

        1. ^LOL

          thanks for the smile james.
          I appreciate everyone being hard on me with this.
          It hurts because everyone is right and I’m also trying to be lol

  8. Jamari you better come get Dignified over here trying to combine my love of food and flirting into one lol.

    Have me getting on a horse and riding up north from Texas. I’ll have him changing his name to Undignified lmao

    1. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent! We’ll get fat together, because I’m a bit of foodie rofl
      Goodbye waistline!
      Undignified? Moi? NEVER! I’m a good little fox, would you really corrupt an innocent fox like myself? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      heh heh, well we might have to define “good” and “innocent” lmao.
      Picking me up on a horse eh? I like where this is going. Horse riding jokes incoming…

      1. Is it weird that someone like me can be real? People are just messy and don’t have their priorities straight. I’m not one of them! Perhaps the fish are better in these parts? haha
        Jackals don’t care about their wolves, I’m not one of them. Wolves don’t think ANY of us care, but I do.

        No catfish here, just introverted. I’m not about the “turnt up” life, (in general anyway) I like , as they say in Spanish: “las cosas pequenas” (the little things)
        Subtlety, 1 on 1 interaction, and deep discussion, loyalty etc. and some good food, and clothes, and cologne, oh and video games and anime (yeah, I’m a nerd). I live a lowkey lifestyle. I don’t have many needs, but the needs I do have, must be met, or my wolf aint getting sheeiiitttt! Stroke my ego and I’ll stroke yours (if you know what I mean ;))I’m not perfect though, I have my flaws, but these other people make my worst characteristics looking Angelic lmao.

        Most people find that shit corny, while I find most people corny with their sloppy lifestyles.
        Options are more scarce in Canada, we have less people to run into and are spaced out far. Its hard for a good fox out here, you have to be throwing yourself at someone just to make it known you get down these days, not me, people don’t need to know all that about me. If anyone wants to know, they should try to find out…the right way.

        There are people like me out there, and we’re real, we don’t want you for your money, we just want YOU! Why is it that wolves always think ALL of us want something else? Or am i the only one? If so, I can see why the pickings are slim for wolves too, yikes!
        If I chose you, you’re good enough. Period. If you weren’t I’d be off your situation yknow what I’m saying? LOL! I dont care about your money, or “swag” or dick size, or how tall you are, or roided up you are if YOU cant bring the right situation to the table. Its you, nothing else.

        But you got the goods anyway.

        Whatchu got? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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