Bruce Jenner Had Me Like “Whoa!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.11.45 PMso mi and i just finished watching the bruce jenner interview on abc.
that was pretty damn heavy.
was it heavy for anyone else?
for those who don’t know,
bruce jenner is transitioning into being a vixen.
he said he:

always felt he was a vixen at a young age
 felt like a vixen when he was a track star
was even taking hormones during the 80s
was wearing some of his ex wives clothes
kim kardashian walked in on him cross dressing and politely left
“the big one” had a hard time accepting it

bruce also admitted he isn’t gay.
i guess that means he is a lesbian?
the whole thing was absolutely heavy,
but it was a good watch.
good to see his kids and those kardashians were supportive.
i was glad to see this one:

887e4_brody-jennerthank you bruce.
anyway during the interview,
abc said they reached out to his past three wives.
two of them had comments except that woman”.
well perez hilton made a tweet about it and she had a clap back on his ass…

well kris know damn well she about to milk a whole season about this.
who she foolin?
after the interview,
mi gonna ask me if i ever wanted to become a girl.
i told her about me a while back and after this interview,
she is absolutely fascinated.
i told her i never wanted to be a female.
i really wanted to reply this to her tho:

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.20.34 PM…but i had to catch myself.
either way,
that interview was the last we will know of “bruce jenner”.
miss brenda j will emerge soon enough.
stay tuned.

lowkey: this goes to show that no matter how masculine,
how many cubs he got,
or all the bitches a wolf is fuckin…
that means absolute shit these days.
wolves be having a vicki secrets bra and panties set underneath his clothes.
don’t sleep on the other side of people’s lives.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner Had Me Like “Whoa!””

  1. I’m sorry Diane didnt go IN enuff for me. why didn’t she interview Rob K. Show clips from that movie with the Village People he did and that midruff t shirt and short shorts he rocked in it

  2. Kris Jenner was NOT having it. LMAO

    I would’ve payed money to see Kim’s face when she walked in on him in women’s clothes lol

      1. I’m not. She doesn’t seem like the type that would be supportive, even though she looks like she’s in drag sometimes lol

      2. I get it ,Khloe has always being the closest to Bruce.She has always felt like an outsider because she didn’t look or act like her mom or sisters so Bruce was her ally.Bruce was her role model of the ideal man since she was 5.Now her symbol of a man is becoming a woman.I have a cousin who is gay and the person who took it the hardest was his closest sibling.He took it hard for the first few months but now they are closer than ever.
        As for Bruce,All the kids are watching the show with him and Kris and all have tweeted their love and support ,except for Rob.

  3. Damn. Now all those “grow some balls Bruce” comments from Khloe seem like obvious shade. Smh. I’m pretty open. But I don’t get that wanting to be a female shit. Pass.

  4. I only watched an hour of it cause I was tryin to watch the game too lol. I got a lil bored, but I will say that he seems very happy about his transition and I support it. After 65 years, he’s finally going though with it.

  5. Your “lowkey” is something these vixens in denial need to read about their so called “straight” wolves.

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