So Are All The Straight Wolves Are Eatin’ Booty Like Groceries?

tumblr_nlt4l0chxH1rl3bsyo1_500“if you ain’t lickin’ this,
then you ain’t stickin’ this,
and i got witnesses.
ask any nigga i been with…
they ain’t hit shit till they stuck their tongue in this.
i ain’t wit that frontin’ shit…
– not tonight, lil kim.

my motto for life.
so it seems like all the straight wolves are admitting to eatin’ the bunz these days.
i guess its trendy to have a mouth full of bootyhole all of a sudden.
from songs talking’ about eatin cheeks,
to wolves being more honest about their freakiness on social media,
it seems that the world has changed the rules on sex.
should we thank the makers of instagram and twitter?
should we thank artists pushing the sexual limits in their music?
well the thing that got me is…

Wasn’t eatin’ bunz a “gay thing” tho?

the following topic and the content underneath is nsfw,
and may offend straight eyes…

straight wolves use to be low about eatin’ pussy.
that question alone use to get a:

“naw ni**a i would never!”
“i don’t eat no pussy!”
“she gotta suck my dick but i ain’t eatin no pussy.”

tumblr_m8q4y5WixL1rdutw3o1_500…but ask the vixen and she would confirm she had him down on his knees.
well being in denial about eatin pussy is a thing of the past.
i guess since the bootyhole is up a few blocks,
its nothing but a quick trip these days?

“eat the booty like groceries”

tumblr_nhutzdSEzV1qljex6o1_400straight wolves are becoming more open sexually.
as much as they are eatin’ cheeks,
they are also getting theirs licked as well.
ive had a few vixens lowkey confirm they ate their wolf’s ass…
and he LOVED IT.

“he was running and moaning like a bitch…” one admitted to me.

hell when work wolf told me liar liar wanting to eat his ass,
he wasn’t completely disgusted by the thought.

“i’m real hairy back there tho so she gonna have a mouthful…” he laughed.

i was kinda grossed out at the thought tho.

see i’m all for straight wolves being sexually free,
but i had to wonder when it starts to cross the line?
lets not act like cheek eatin wasn’t for “us”.
hell that is foreplay for me.
tumblr_nn0djdmITp1si245xo2_500 tumblr_nn0djdmITp1si245xo1_500i know how to get myself so fresh and so clean for a warm tongue bath.
most straights don’t even do that.
they just spread it wide without even a hint of soap and water.

i’m kinda grossed out at the thought tho.

straight wolves have been fascinated with the booty hole for some time now.
do you how any vixens that complain of their wolf wanting anal sex?
some vixens will do anything to please a straight wolf,
no matter if he is long or short term,
that it will include:

getting on her knees to eat him out
slipping one of two fingers up in there

its not the vixens who deny even doing it.

“i aint eatin no man’s ass.”
“i will look at him like he gay.”
“ew yuck i would never!”
“i’m a freak but i ain’t that much of a freak.”

i had to wonder does this simply open up pandora’s box for straight wolves or…

Are they just lowkey freaks?

23 thoughts on “So Are All The Straight Wolves Are Eatin’ Booty Like Groceries?

  1. True stated information. Many str8 guys are not going to clean their ass before they have sex as would a gay man. Many have issues of knowing how to clean. But I am not surprise at what people do this day and time.

  2. That is why I will never be an experiment for a str8 dude, plus Jamari don’t forget not a lot of str8 wolves clean their dicks and balls either

  3. I still don’t know how I feel about a straight man getting his ass ate. I mean he can still be heterosexual, but that’s a very fine line to me. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they want something other than a tongue in there.

    Some of these vixens need to think carefully about the doors they’re opening in an effort to turn these dudes out lol.

    All of the guys I know that have gotten women to do that are bi or DL. I’m still waiting on a straight man to tell me they did that.

    Now even though I will eat an ass like a weedhead at a chinese buffet, I’m still not comfortable with anyone coming near my ass. Dudes have volunteered to eat and I’ve declined and ate theirs instead. A tongue down there does nothing for me, but maybe that’s representative of me always needing to be in control.

    As for a man eating a girls ass, its not really a stretch once they start fucking them in the ass, which I don’t think is suspect because you’re still penetrating a woman with breasts and woman parts and usually they still penetrate the vagina too.

    1. Wow! Well said I love your comment but I do have a question for you tho why when it comes to heterosexual male sexuality they are these strict definitions and if he chooses to cross that boundary something is wrong with him and women have to “beware” why is that? Would tell a straight man to “beware” of the heterosexual female with bisexual tendencies?

      1. I’d tell a female the same thing when it comes to having his girl explore sex with other women. Be prepared that they may like it…without you!

    2. I know a few straight guys who have confided in me about having their asses licked/ate. They liked it.

  4. Oh wow!!!!! Its getting hot in here lol! I’m really on the fence with this one cause I’m all for the freakier the better but this definitely one of those things that should be kept private in my opinion not everybody needs to know everything about your sex life and I noticed that straight black men love to broadcast everything they do in private like everyone just has to know as long as its with a girl notice that?

    1. ^i mean thats men in general.
      gay men do it as well.
      i thinks just part of our dna to boast about fuckin.
      these days some of them are boasting about shit they never did.
      they just doing it because its “cool”.

      get their ass in the bed and they don’t know wtf they doing.

      1. Lol! Your absolutely right men are all the same but the difference is a gay man would think twice about it straight men just have no filter because their straight and black men always have something to prove.

  5. and lets be real…
    we know the pleasure of gettin’ licked back there.
    how many of us have judged a straight wolf who has gotten his ass ate?
    the first thing:

    “oh he liked that bootyhole licked.
    he a fox!
    mos def!”

    lets not even front like thats not even said.
    vixens are worse because even tho they got their ass ate,
    and banged in the booty the same night,
    her girls will still call him a potential “dl”.

    1. True but I’m sure it’s happening in much larger amounts than we think. People tend to lose the in inhibitions during sex, I can’t tell you how many time me or my friends (straight and gay alike) do things we never though we would in the bedroom.

  6. I say low key freaks, nothing wrong with it hell I never thought pineapples would be out here openally admitting to eating booty or having theirs licked. Who knows what it will be in a few years maybe they’ll admit to liking a finger up there?lol

    1. ^i say enjoy it.
      getting your ass licked is amazing.
      i remember this one wolf did this vibrating thing with his tongue inside me.
      i would have cooked his ass dinner for that move alone.

  7. Well, I believe they are just freaky. Eating ass is not just a sexual act that only gay men can enjoy, even though it has been stereotyped as such. Unless they perform it on a man, I really don’t consider it gay. I just hope it’s clean when they eat it tho.

    1. ^i wonder if straight men know how to REALLY clean themselves out?
      like most straights dont even wipe that good.
      well shit a wolf will eat a vixen out on her period so…

      1. You know damn well they don’t clean out. They put a lil water on toilet paper, wipe and then serve.

        1. ^there goes my dinner.

          hell I think the Vixens are doing the same.
          I think for wolves,
          to actually bend over and do an enema flush,
          that might make them feel real gay.
          well my wolf better feel gay as hell.
          I refuse to lick any hole without the proper cleaning requirements.

      2. The only thing straight Wolves flush is the toilet, they ain’t flushing out their asses. Then females wanna dive in. Damn. SMH

        I don’t want my ate lol. My ass is like one way street. Nothing going in, all out.

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