So Are All The Straight Wolves Are Eatin’ Booty Like Groceries?

tumblr_nlt4l0chxH1rl3bsyo1_500“if you ain’t lickin’ this,
then you ain’t stickin’ this,
and i got witnesses.
ask any nigga i been with…
they ain’t hit shit till they stuck their tongue in this.
i ain’t wit that frontin’ shit…
– not tonight, lil kim.

my motto for life.
so it seems like all the straight wolves are admitting to eatin’ the bunz these days.
i guess its trendy to have a mouth full of bootyhole all of a sudden.
from songs talking’ about eatin cheeks,
to wolves being more honest about their freakiness on social media,
it seems that the world has changed the rules on sex.
should we thank the makers of instagram and twitter?
should we thank artists pushing the sexual limits in their music?
well the thing that got me is…

Wasn’t eatin’ bunz a “gay thing” tho?

the following topic and the content underneath is nsfw,
and may offend straight eyes…

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