They Only Tolerate You Until You Confirm You’re Gay

tumblr_n13jm1R5i01sxcpxoo1_500don’t say it.
you read me right.
don’t you dare say it.
don’t let those straight wolves know you are gay.
you may be dressing them,
cooking for em,
rescued their cat from a tree,
paid for their trip to the circus,
and they know you ain’t dating no vixen…
they liked you before.
they may have thought you were “different”,
but as soon as you confirm your sexuality,
they’ll be out and slam the door behind them.
suddenly they think you secretly been plottin’ on them.
get over yourself.
a foxhole sent me these tweets about deray today.
it contained opinions about his sexuality from straight wolves…

he out here doing what these bitch ass simple minded pineapples ain’t doing.
the nerve.
i had to wonder about my own life tho…

Am I being tolerated?


i can write about a straight wolf and his achievements for the foxhole.
he will already banish me because i’m gay.
it makes me wonder if i’ll ever have a career?
i don’t confirm or deny anything.
i’m sure people already suspect,
but i like to think i’m a cool ass fox.
i can chill with whoever and make others comfortable.
as much as a wolf is cute,
i don’t try to find a way to turn him out.
i assume everyone i meet is straight until proven gay.
that fear of rejection thing…

Is it okay if you are just a question mark?

will they “respeck your name” more?
have you in the room while they are semi-naked?
do and say suspect shit around you?

it seems as soon as you reveal “who you are”,
then that’s when it becomes a problem.
suddenly those who had your back are now uncomfortable.
they were willing to get undressed in front of you,
but now they don’t even want to take off their socks in your presence.
it may even go that they don’t even want their cubs around you.

it’s very sad to be ostracized for being “you”.
the same “you” who was respected before you were confirmed gay.
it’s even worse when it comes to family.
they all “guessed” you were,
but as soon as you tell them you are,
you are hit with the cold shoulder and banned from coming over.

i can understand why animals stay closeted.
i even see why people are fuck everyone and out for self.
you helped these ungrateful straight pineapples and get the meanest slap to the grill.

tumblr_inline_nkcvsy8Gxe1sk02p6like i tell fellow foxholers,
you gotta know your audience.
in a perfect world,
everyone would be understanding.
sadly it isn’t.
sometimes you gotta play “chess” with these animals.
it’s just the disrespectful world we live in.
the rest of the animals are simply fuckin’ morons.
there is nothing you can do about that.

lowkey: how much of these:

baller wolves

…would be nothing as soon as they reveal who they are?
even the obvious lesbians in the industry know where their bread is buttered.

36 thoughts on “They Only Tolerate You Until You Confirm You’re Gay

  1. I feel like this is the main reason why I keep most people at arms length. I may smile and say hi to you but I don’t really have “friends”. Stuff like this makes me sad though.

  2. I have issues w/ some aspects of BLM or their rhetoric rather, but obviously not for the ignant reasons stated above…basically, there’s idiots on both sides of this discussion, and sadly they tend to have the loudest voices of them all, smdh

    1. Yeah, tbh in recent days I’ve lost faith in BLM as a whole. I support the ORIGINAL cause, but I’m not really in favour of what it’s turning into. Not sure I support that, from all the things I’ve heard, BLM or no BLM, the fight continues!

  3. All of this mess many of you are seeing is something I’ve been saying for a long time about these people. I’ll just sit back and sit some cognac while pearls are being clutched. 😆 lol

  4. To be honest with you the people that will pay you big bucks in a career will accept you because for the most part gays and Jews have been running this secondly black men always homophobic towards gay men but love lesbian women. And the main reason is most black men are insecure about their sexuality. Many of them do everything under the sun but still claim to be straight. And the ones that are straight think you’re plotting on them. However there are also many str8 men who are comfortable in their skin. One of my best friends is a straight male that I’ve known for 7yrs now.

  5. Really those dudes who are not supporting him for being gay are freaking dummies. In 2016 it is still a major problem being gay, and even though it has gotten better and major progress from the 1960s, I don’t see the hate going away in my lifetime. Billy B dude you left a great comment on why men stay in the closet. I’m still in the closet myself in away, I think pretty much my family, friends, and coworkers know about me. Everyone is always saying your so good looking I’m surprised your single, which is so annoying. These men who are celebrities and gay have to cover it up. If they would reveal their gay they would probably never work again. It’s easy for them to get set up with another female celeb or pretty vixen (beard) get married, have babies. Those erection pills really work, and some regular men use them just to maintain a (normal) life which is getting married to a female, having kids to make everyone else comfortable and happy, while their miserable being with a female partner, and the only thing to do is cheat on them with another dude, it’s really sad.

  6. Like Mikey said please remember that this is the opinion of SOME not all. There are also ppl who don’t agree with him being gay, but are able to put that aside and focus on his work with BLM. But you know ppl are uncomfortable with that which they are not used to. Most have been fed the image that the out gay man is a sassy hairstylist who does everything that a woman does except (or occasionally) cross-dressing. Anyone who is clearly masculine is generally characterized as straight or on the dl (like that picture you posted a few days ago). But as time progresses on the image is developing.And while there will always be SOME who will be caught up on one facet, there is still a large amount that know that it doesn’t really matter.

  7. These comments were posted the day DeRay got out of jail and just like many other leaders before him, they had to endure people opinions and lack of respects much worst and I am sure that he will be okay since he has a big support group. As long as he remembers his goal and continues to strive for it and make new ones he will eventually get the change that he so desires.

    Also, Jamari I would love to get your perspective on all these different celebrities that are now coming out of the woodwork to holler #blacklivesmatter. I hope they are serious behind this and not using it as a marketing ploy or to be a part of a movement in history.

    1. ^as long as they don’t disrespect and say “alllivesmatter”,
      ill allow it from them.
      many of them are stuck in ignorance and saying “alllivesmatter”.
      out of control.
      i didn’t see that hash tag when someone white gets murdered wrongly.

        1. ^yeah she was dumb.
          she pulled that down real quick.
          janet also put up all lives matter as well.
          im shocked kim kardashian put up black lives matter.

  8. I honestly I think people should pursue what they feel strongly about because they are passionate about and not for the validation of others. One the other hand, stuff like this is what is the source of distrust within the black community. Those pineapple only care about the movement if someone like them receives credit and/or is the face of it. One can’t scream “Black First,” then be picky about who puts forth the effort. Opposers can exploit that.

  9. Feminine gay men always get some respect for this very reason in my book. People immediately assume you’re gay if you’re feminine, so there isn’t the option of keeping it private. The second people know you are gay, there’s so much stigma that comes with it. I give people the craziest look when they say they can’t understand why a person is DL

    1. I recall someone calling someone “A Fucking Faggot” and then continued to say “I don’t understand how these men that don’t look gay could be on the low”. They answered their own question essentially. If you’re always told that the way you feel about the same sex is wrong and you don’t want to feel like you’re doing something bad, you may decide to hide your gay activity.

        1. ^i don’t consider him to be feminine.
          maybe not my definition of feminine.
          in my definition,
          is ej johnson and that old pink male who did work out videos back in the day.
          he would wear the poom poom shorts lol

          1. ^yeah ya know what?
            the more I look at other videos,
            the more i see he is feminine.
            which isn’t bad.
            it’s just who he is considering how powerful he is as well.

            disregard my initial statement.

  10. Again its sad yo hear and see SOME of these from SOME ignorant straight black pineapples. Black lives matter doesn’t mean only the black lives you’re comfortable with. Smh

    Most people can pretty much tell I’m gay from talking to me, my voice, mannerisms, etc . I’m not doing anything extra (at least I don’t think am) just being what I consider my normal self so I never really had the option of telling/or not telling someone because people already have my sexuality figured out in their minds. I haven’t had a huge problem with it a lot of times the people may not agree with it are still cordial and sometimes that’s the best you can ask for. The people that are for me I’ll fuck with and the people that aren’t I just don’t.

    1. Be yourself bro. That’s the best person you can be in life. The people that gravitate to you will truly be for you.

      1. Amen! I am me 100%…to a degree. I know when to tone it down, and I know when to turn it out. I’m good until you disrespect me. That’s when the ignant dude comes out. LOL

        The people in my life now are the ones that have been there for me. The fakes have been pretty much weeded out.

        I never thought I was approachable (because I put on my don’t-bother-me-face) but people always seem to latch on to me and want to tell me their life story and/or issues. Then you get the…”you’re so easy to talk to”.

        It’s been a blessing and a curse.

      2. “people always seem to latch on to me and want to tell me their life story and/or issues. Then you get the…”you’re so easy to talk to”.

        👆 Christian I can soooo relate

        1. ^i think this happens because most straight wolves aren’t good listeners.
          they don’t balance emotions the way gay males can.
          so everyone gets comfortable because we are automatically different than our straight counterparts.
          if i am wrong,
          please correct me…

  11. You know what Jamari…… FUCK EM! If you can’t support a movement working to bring forth a positive change in your life and the lives of everyone around you because a person involved in the movement is gay then you are an idiot.

      1. You are correct. Some people are not for you. Some people will never support you. Some people will never root for you to win. They may not support him. I get that. Understand that fully but that should never deter you from supporting the message that Black Lives Matter. Especially since it seems the people that sent those messages are in fact black.

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