They Only Tolerate You Until You Confirm You’re Gay

tumblr_n13jm1R5i01sxcpxoo1_500don’t say it.
you read me right.
don’t you dare say it.
don’t let those straight wolves know you are gay.
you may be dressing them,
cooking for em,
rescued their cat from a tree,
paid for their trip to the circus,
and they know you ain’t dating no vixen…
they liked you before.
they may have thought you were “different”,
but as soon as you confirm your sexuality,
they’ll be out and slam the door behind them.
suddenly they think you secretly been plottin’ on them.
get over yourself.
a foxhole sent me these tweets about deray today.
it contained opinions about his sexuality from straight wolves…

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You Ain’t Nothing But A Big Fat Bully… so There!

“UM, SAY WHAT????”

We have all had the moments.
Someone says something to us and we are ready to knock their heads right off their shoulders.
The older I get, I realize that people are really shady.
They are not nice and will try to treat you like shit.
It use to bother me until I learned how to skillfully be nice/nasty.
So I had to ask you, my reader…

How much bullshit do you tolerate?

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