Checkbox: “Not Trying To Get Attached”?

tumblr_myz1roEUaj1sdaeu9o1_500so the straight wolves have a new scheme to cheat.
maybe the gay wolves too?
i don’t know.
so i decided to sit in with some of the straight wolves at work.
i love straight wolves because they put you up on game.
their stories are rather interesting because either:

a) they exaggerate the entire story for fellow wolf points
b) they are completely raw and honest about their fuckery

they will even come with proof.
well they were having a discussion on getting pussy outside their relationship.
i’m sure the straight vixens reading are about to explode.
this is what they are doing now…

“so i tell shorty that i got a vixen.
i get that out the way first.
if she cool with that,
we can rock.” – straight wolf

“why do you tell her that?” – i asked.

“i do it so she won’t get attached.
she knows i got a vixen so know its just pussy and nothing else.
if she start acting up,
i remind her i have a vixen .
she know what she signed up for.
she just getting the pipe.”
– straight wolf response


well all the other wolves agreed and said they pretty much do the same thing.
when we were cool,
“that wolf i use to talk to” also use to do the same thing.
he didn’t have a vixen,
but he fed them that so they won’t get attached to him as well.
which is why it was so easy for him to do what he did.

what is this all about?
i mean,
i guess it’s honest to be upfront.
you want side pussy,
but you don’t want the added strings of balancing another vixen.
i get it because that can get expensive.
well unless you dealing with hood animals who down for dollar menus and basic cable.
they are okay getting banged for no more than a buck.

my thing is…

What is wrong with someone getting attached?

it’s like everyone nowadays wants to be a wall.
this is even happening in friendships.
animals don’t want anyone penetrating that wall,
but they want the benefits of being open.
so they will chill with you,
but all while keeping a healthy distance from you.
so the first sign of an “issue”,
and most of the times a minor one,
they want to cut you off with no explanation.

been there; still there

with the wolves of today,
they want “the wife” and “the side piece(s)”.
after a few conversations,
and you start to feel this wolf,
then they break it to you that they are “attached”.
in this world,
where it’s not guaranteed you may find someone as quick,
you “green light” this.
so you and this wolf start banging anytime he has a free moment.

















Angelina-Jolie-Hot-GIF…and then that’s it.
you even think of catching a feeling and you’re cut off.
there lies all this outing and blasting on social media.
hurt animals,
who hurt animals,
who then hurt more animals.

the bottom line,
and no pun intended,

they don’t want the side getting emotionally attached to him

they just want the sex.
it’s all about getting as much sex without feelings being bought into it.

Doesn’t sex usually lead to feelings tho?

don’t the alphas catch feelings?
or are we conditioned to believe we are supposed to be emotionless walls?
it’s like everyone has found new ways to hurt others.
you can’t even tell if others are only dealing with you for your:

career advancement
that “hole” you have a reputation for
rebound situation

what is the point of dating/friendship if there is no communication?
if you can’t fight to make up again?
are we all just becoming human replicas of our phones?
hard on the outside and complicated within?
i love other animals,
but i’m tired of these shells of their former selves.
the problem with this fox is what you see is what you get.
i want you to get attached and vice versa.
i want to get to know you better.
even if i get hurt,
i try to be optimistic for another animal coming into my life.
i don’t want to carry the baggage of my last situation-ship into my new one.
so i had to wonder that if “not trying to get attached” means…

“I don’t want to get hurt… again”?

24 thoughts on “Checkbox: “Not Trying To Get Attached”?

  1. It is best when the side piece knows that he/she is a side piece. There are lots of people who will sign up for that. They know they are never going to be first priority. They know you are never going to leave wifey for them. They stay in their lane. They get pipe and leftover time. They might even get money or gifts every once in a while. And, they get condoms, always. A good rule to live by is that you should never fuck anyone raw whom you aren’t prepared to marry. All the problems come from treating sidepiece like wifey by, for example, marrying them. Do yourself a favor, never marry a man or a woman who has agreed to be your side piece or who isn’t ashamed to tell you they have done so for someone else. Also, drop the side piece like a bad habit the second he/she even hints and trying to change lanes.

  2. are we all just becoming human replicas of our phones?
    hard on the outside and complicated within?….Clap Clap Clap! whatchu wrote right here is sooo damn good!!

  3. As others have said, the problem is not that people are guarding themselves from the attachment, it is that people do not want the full responsibilities of a relationship, but only want certain aspects. For example, many athletes cheat on their wives and girlfriends with groupies, but when they are through with their sexcapades, they want to come home to their wives and get fed, massaged, and even a a little counseling for their problems. Do you understand where I am coming from? This behavior is normal for anyone under 30. With sex being so easy to get, it is hard for anyone to stay with one person. Even a friends with benefits arrangement is hard to keep going for a period of time, without one person getting bored and wanting something different.

  4. This is why STD’s and HIV are running rampant, along with unplanned children that will “attach” them to those sidechicks for at least 18 years.

    You have to stop and think about the values of a person that will still mess with you knowing you’re in a relationship with someone else. That person likely sleeps around quite a bit with no regard of who they share their sexual organs with, and it’s not a slippery slope to say they might not be engaging in safe sex 100% of the time.

    Dudes delude themselves into believing they have some loyal sidepussy but it often belongs to the community and they’ll still dip in it raw.

    That’s why I don’t feel bad for these young black men paying tons of child support. You wanted to play, play with that $800 a month. Lol

    1. Exactly Jay lol. There is this dude I work with, he has two 1 one year olds who are a few months apart. He told me he was messing with both baby mamas at the same time. He also was complaining to me how is check is being ripped apart from child support. Now, he talking about he using condoms with the girl he with now. These dudes are truly pitiful.

      1. Texas is the wrong state to be pulling that shit in! They will lock that ass up behind child support and still have you paying it back after the child is grown.

        I know a guy paying $200,000 in back child support.

      2. I had a guy ready to fight me because of a conversation like that. We were in the barbershop discussing child support. Now I don’t have kids, but the guys talking were saying how much their checks were being hit for child support or how their baby mamas were taking them to court for child support (those were the street pharmacists). So I said the if you made the child with her, is it her job to raise the child alone? No, it takes the both of you to do that. Now if you have more than one child, that’s on you because if you know that you can’t afford to support the child(ren) that you already have…what would possess you to have another? And if you don’t support the child, and/or have the child on your insurance (for those who had legit jobs), guess who pays for that child’s healthcare/housing/daycare/etc? Everyone in here that pays taxes. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for you? I’m sorry but I don’t because it sounds like you are looking to take the easy way out. At that point, one of the guys (street pharmacist) just exploded and started cursing and carrying on saying I don’t know him and what he does for his kids, etc. Little did he know, I knew his baby mama’s family WELL.

        I was ready for him, but my barber interceded and said evidently he must be right ’cause look how you carrying on. He said we grown ass men in here having a conversation, ain’t nobody attacking anybody personally, so anybody that can’t handle criticism…there’s the door.

  5. Thus is too much but very true. Makes you not want to get into a relationship. That’s why STDS is like catching a cold these days. Just be single

  6. When I date someone, male or female, I am with that person. There may be people who try to throw themselves at you when you’re in a relationship, but you have to stay committed and be strong. I think with my head on my shoulders, not the one between my legs. I’ve seen too many guys and girls step out on their girlfriend/boyfriend, only to have it blow up in their face. I have always told myself..that will never be me. I’ve held fast over the years…but the temptation is there. I was in a long-term relationship, but that fell apart. Now I’m not looking for anything long-term and I tell people that up front. If someone tells you they’re cool with it, pretty soon you begin to see that they lied. The same with chicks who tell a dude that has told them he already has a girl…they’re looking to change him, and they want to take the other person’s place. You do catch feelings for the other person you’re involved with. Anyone says otherwise, they are lying…unless they are a sociopath. LOL
    A guy will say his side-chick is just that…but let him find out she going at it with another dude, and it’s a wrap. He will get upset. As much as he “don’t care” he will get upset that the ass isn’t just his, and his alone. Guess what that is called…catching feelings. LOL
    So these guys will talk shyt…but it’s just that, talk to impress others.

  7. I remember years after my brother and straight best friend both got married that they both got more attention from women once they started wearing their rings. My brother told me that some of the girls liked the thrill of sleeping with a married and the idea of getting caught. It’s funny because I see a lot of men in relationships get attached to the side piece. But it’s interesting that you brought this up because my best friend and myself were talking about this not too long ago. Personally, I feel that’s not the emotional attachment that people have the issue with but rather the expectations and responsibilities that come with a relationship.People want the relationship and all the benefits but none of the work. So when some gets upset about unanswered calls and texts or with how they’re being treating, the other person would just rather end the relationship than take accountability for their actions. I’m always confused why people think that somehow sex isn’t intimate and that you can have sexual relationship with someone and no feelings get involved.

      1. One night stands are completely different from these long term “casual” sexual relationships. With one nights you fuck em, leave em, and never think about them again. With these side hoes and just sex relationships very rarely is it just sex. From what I’ve seen and experienced people in these situations spend time together, get to know each other, hang out and get dinner afterwards. It all seems trivial but when you’re consisting doing all that plus adding sex someone is bound to have feeling involved.

  8. Thr kind of thing that those straight wolves were telling you only works with certain types of Vixens and foxes. I’m not going to willing sign up to be a side piece for any wolf, when I’m crushing on someone I want the whole thing not just the physical. So if someone tells me upfront they have someone then that’s it for me, In my mind I’m going to be think why are you even talking to me and I don’t have time to be sneaking around with you.

  9. I wonder if these straight wolves realize their vixens have a “side dick”😀

    1. ^suddenly she would be a “hoe who broke his heart”.
      it’s crazy how we act when someone plays the same game as us.
      the world is now dark and every playlist is bryson tiller.

      1. They wouldn’t acknowledge the broken heart aspect, J. She’d just be a hoe.
        But the guys are too caught up in themselves to realize that they are hoes as well. They’re cheating on their girls/wives with any chick willing to open her legs to them…but they think less of the woman?! Go figure.
        And they go for the skankiest chicks is what amazes me. Take away the big ass and big titties and what does she have to offer?!
        Same thing with the DL dudes. If you take away the bangin body and cute face, is there more to offer? Can you carry a decent conversation?
        I like a pretty face and nice body, on both sexes, just as much as the next man…but PLEASE have something more to offer! LOL

    2. Y Colette these pineapples out here still have that old school way of thinking that Vixens don’t think like that smh lol like Dick isn’t everywhere and easily able to get.

  10. I think majority of men cheat straight or gay I’m just go to say that. Society has made this the norm it depends on you the female or the guy if you want to stay or not in the relationship. For me, cheating is not a deal breaker depending on the circumstances. Now that I’m 26 and really haven’t been in a real relationship, if I meet a guy today and we get into a relationship and 3 to 5 years he slips up and cheats, I will try to work it out with him. That also depends on who he cheats on me with, if it’s my family member or friend then we’re done. If he is a multiple cheater we’re done too, but if he slips up and screw a coworker or some other random, I could try to work through it with him. Now, you’ll I’m not saying I’m okay with cheating because I’m not but if you have a lot of history with your partner you should try to work it out depending on the situation. I look at the straight men that I’m around and they all cheat, and they don’t plan on stopping either. My opinion is that the way society is and has been for years is that men go out to work and provide for their families. When they get home they need to have someone cook for them, wash their clothes, give them sex. Some men can’t or don’t cook and clean, so they need someone to take their mama place once they move out. A few months ago I was talking to this dude in the military and not that kind of talking. He is married with a kid, his wife leaves in another state with their daughter. He told me he cheats on his wife and I asked him why, he said “because I’m a man and I have a tool in my pants that I need to use.” I also heard men say they get tired of sexting the same pussy over and over again they need and like to see how other pussy is their words not mine. I think when you get into a relationship you have to be positive. If you get attached and get hurt that’s something you have to work with, relationships are not easy. That’s why you can’t look at Instagram relationships with these girls always posting their dudes, and their dudes don’t give 2 you know what about them.

    1. ^its crazy how animals use every excuse in the book to cheat.
      it seems like we are single,
      no one is paying attention to us.
      as soon as are “checkbox: taken”,
      everyone comes out in droves.

  11. In the perfect world everyone would let it be known if they want to date or just get it in. That doesn’t work though, people are too judgemental and no one wants to seem like a slut 🙊

    For most men it is a struggle to be monogamous, doesn’t change their love for their vixen.

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