Wake and (Bake)

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.17.18 AMi have a weakness for bawdies that look like this.
i’m literally vibrating right now.
thank you foto119 for setting my morning off right.
muscles is my biggest aphrodisiac.
well this is bake from pompano, fl…

tumblr_nzisrprXMz1toe7eko1_250even tho he has the crazy prison bawdy,
there is a sort of “innocence” in his eyes.
maybe it’s just me seeing that?
i love his dreadz tho.
they are nice and healthy unlike others i’ve seen.
either way,
i’d like to more “wake and bake” please.

lowkey: what is this?
day 7 of this “no get off” fast?
i started last sunday.

i’m feeling like i’m about to explode.
ironically i am more spiritually open.

fotos credited: foto119 | bake | raw footage

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Wake and (Bake)

  1. His face looks so sweet and innocent but his body is so full grown. Yup this is going to be a to be a tough “no get off” fast for me too 😫😫😫😫😫.

  2. Lawd his body is right, I would of loved to sat next to him on that plane, I would of acted like I was sleep and had my arm touching is. I wonder how Ty Beal the photographer of Foto119 recruits these fine ass dudes.

  3. Jamari,

    You should try to get an interview with Foto119 & ask him point blank how many of the guys that he’s shot gave up the cakes. We’re all wondering and I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors lol. And if that question goes left, do a quick followup: why are all the photos tinged with an obvious homoeroticism.

    1. Dude has to have some serious game to get them comfortable enough to do some of these shoots or he’s paying them well. Lol

      1. My theory is that he’s not paying them in the way that you’re probably thinking of and he doesn’t have game, but what he does have is a large and professional following. He is a serious photographer. These dudes will do anything for a professional portfolio. Remember, we only get to see one or two shots from a shoot, but I’m sure the shoots last an hour or more. That’s when the “exchange” comes on. But this is all a theory. 😉

      1. I wonder how he finds these guys or do they seek him out? He’s photographed people like Mya (the singer from the 90s) and Terrance J so that helps his legitimacy. He has a great eye for still photography, and I won’t take that away from him, but I’m with you, Jamari. How does he get them so comfortable. Notice how they don’t seem uptight or anything despite being all ass lol? (SN sorry for taking so long to reply, but check your inbox).

  4. IMO Foto119’s best shoot is with Pierre Abena from Wilhemina Models. He shot with him recently and the pics look so unreal. He’s a great photographer.

    1. Teron has a good eye and is a great artist. He can find these guys and work magic and allot of these guys contact him

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