The Straight Wolves Are So “Open” Nowadays

i’ve started to notice something with this “nude” era.
i don’t know if it’s alarming or if this is just how shit is.
the straight wolves of today send nudes first and get to know you after.
i was on a tumblr called “beenbaitingsincethe90s” and was hooked.
^that wolf in the graphic above…

…is among the majority sending tail shots.
am i late on this new phenomenon?
i had to ask myself,
if these baiters are pretending to be vixens

How do they even get a wolves to come up off his cheeks?

if they are even baiting as vixens.
this is the new “eatin’ groceries” era so it’s not impossible.
it’s just crazy to see wolves so open (pun intended) with their freakiness:

the straight wolves of today are ratchet with no shame.

lowkey: can we talk about this wolf tho…


i’ll need ig info please.

images cc: beenbaitingsincethe90s

18 thoughts on “The Straight Wolves Are So “Open” Nowadays

  1. I think that there’s a lot of bisexuality that people refuses to give credit to.

    1. ^Yup! But according to “some” people, bisexuality doesn’t exist lol!

      But I agree.

  2. Sure, blogs like those can be entertaining. But I’m still conflicted about the deception behind baiting straight men and exposing their goods on the interwebz.

    1. And another thing! I just clicked on that blog only to discover the fag behind it is charging people to see the photos or videos of his victims. 😖

  3. I mean I feel it may be a trend but it is suspect. A lot of these men here have to know that when a nude of a dude is spread out and available, its usually for the attention of other men. Like these fitness attentionistos, how can you NOT expect to have gay men on ya social media? Women donnt have a history to being craven to look at men’s bodies the way gay men do.

    Has anyone else noticed the other trend of gay single wolves with children? I know of at least 2 off the top of my head.

  4. I am sure all the Old Gals up in Glory are crying right now thinking of how easy it is to get the so called Trade of today’s generation. No more 40oz, and Bologna sandwiches on a lucky cold night to get you some Pipe now you just need a smart phone and a few Apps and you are on your way to the Trade of your Dreamz. I am a living witness that these young Str8 dudes have no shame about showing you what they are working with. Unlike older Str8 dudes in the gym who play hide the sausage and tail when they are in the locker-room, the young dudes will purposely make sure you are looking in their direction and put on a show. Hell Im not complaining. I have seen 2 of my friends young son on Jackd-Butt Booty Naked, hell one of the reasons I got off of there before I was exposed-LMAO. This show me what you got for a porkchop generation is not only breaking the rules but changing the rules of the game. Never before I have I seen so much Str8 Ass pics than now. I think both males and females are all Bi-curios-its all the rage with this younger generation.

  5. This would be a great question to ask that baiter you interviewed awhile back. I’ve also wondered how these straight wolves have no issue showing buns to vixens they don’t know. Wouldn’t something in their mind be pause for alarm.

    P.S. I’m interested Who that pineapple is laying on the bed in that 4th gif 😍

    1. lol I’m still here I thought I msg Jamari about doing a follow up interview 😚😁😁😁😁

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