for all those who want a wet clean hole (clean being the important part)

the foxhole and i have a lot of private conversations ( x in the backrooms ).
that is a place where my top supporters and we:

Have fox talk,
See sexy wolves in action,
talk about my more private side of life,
and be a lot more…

not only that,
your continuous support allows me to keep doing this and the lights on.
i had an entry on ( x getting turned out using a bidet for the first time ).
i got so turned out that i’m gonna get one when i get back to new yawk.
many of the foxholers in the backrooms have been asking me about bidets.
^that picture is of the bidet that i use on the toilet down here.
this is the link to that bidet from amazon…

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there is light at the other side of his tunnel

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

ya know,
i’m really glad i’ve been really particular about who got up inside me.
big dicks,
medium dicks,
lil’ ass dicks…
i was serious about my hole health and grip strength.
a wolf said to me today:

“You probably got the tightest hole in the world.”

i saw this video today and even though it was supposed to be about the tattoo

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a hole might be a hole for you (a pipe isn’t just a pipe for me)

one night,
one of my ex-wolf friends said he wanted to bring a thot through to my parent’s spot.
this is after they had passed and i was there alone.
he said he needed some pussy,
but was really particular on not judging him.
i was like whatever.
he brought some vixen over who was missing a whole eye.
not a eye patch involved.
they weren’t dating and i don’t know how they met.
all i know is he fucked her absolutely stupid in my parent’s old room.
she was quiet until he was stroking the life out of her.
a hole can just be a hole for most males.
i guess the same goes for this following video of a jackal smashing a crackhead

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The Straight Wolves Are So “Open” Nowadays

i’ve started to notice something with this “nude” era.
i don’t know if it’s alarming or if this is just how shit is.
the straight wolves of today send nudes first and get to know you after.
i was on a tumblr called “beenbaitingsincethe90s” and was hooked.
^that wolf in the graphic above…
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Justin Bieber Falls In Hole

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 11.55.21 AM

…that’s it.
justin bieber fell in a hole while performing on stage for his “purpose” tour.
no other explanation necessary than this video
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foXXX: Mike Mann and His Banana VS Mysterio


he has released his first movie under papi thugz.
an f-bi just sent me the jaw droppin’ action.
someone actually stepped up to put that banana inside em.
i salute that fox from wayyyyyyy up here.
NSFW material below…

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