a hole might be a hole for you (a pipe isn’t just a pipe for me)

one night,
one of my ex-wolf friends said he wanted to bring a thot through to my parent’s spot.
this is after they had passed and i was there alone.
he said he needed some pussy,
but was really particular on not judging him.
i was like whatever.
he brought some vixen over who was missing a whole eye.
not a eye patch involved.
they weren’t dating and i don’t know how they met.
all i know is he fucked her absolutely stupid in my parent’s old room.
she was quiet until he was stroking the life out of her.
a hole can just be a hole for most males.
i guess the same goes for this following video of a jackal smashing a crackhead

so he risked aids for some filthy box?
getting pussy behind the garbage of all things?

i knew a gay jackal who would leave his crib on the late nights,
walk around his neighborhood,
looking for random males to suck off in alleys and garbage cans.
he was always very proud to tell us the stories of who he bagged in his excursions.
the thing for me tho…

A dick is never just a dick for me

i can’t go fuck the neighborhood crackhead because he has a mushroom head dick.
anyone i’ve ever let inside me,
i was 110% attracted to them.
when i think about the guys i linked with or made out with,
all of them turned me on in some way.
the last time i tried the hook up apps,
i was left traumatized thinking i caught something.
it might be a fox thing or i might be weird.
just know…

If I let you up inside me,
you had to have turned me on in some way.

even if you’re missing an eye,
or half your lip,
something about you made me want to ride you into the sunset.

it matters heavy if we are vibin and connect on some level.
i don’t just let anyone into me or my life.
think of that as a privilege.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “a hole might be a hole for you (a pipe isn’t just a pipe for me)”

  1. I am the same way dude I just can’t play with some random meat! I even got caught looking at this dude meat I worked with meat just swinging in his sweatpants one day, he dm me & asked did I like what I saw & I could get a taste. I just couldn’t do it because I didn’t know him nor had we ever said two words to each other. I’m so scary when it come to stuff like that. I just can’t!

    1. ^its not being scary.
      it’s being cautious!!!
      some folks are built for that life.
      others would rather take it slow or wait.
      it’s okay with whatever option you choose.

      i tried to be like star fox,
      who was built for the life of messing with randoms.
      i was never comfortable.
      my comfort level is meeting someone and going off the vibes.

    2. Nope! Me neither and I have friends who call people ugly they dated and smashed and I’m like ???? Why Were u with them “oh cuz i was lonely/ bored / lonely” ok that’s what hands are for !!!!! Believe it or not, a lot of this community can give it up quickly they’ve had to use what they got to get what they want esp with Onlyfans, these ppl don’t like eachother it’s just content or to fill a void

      These are all things that makes finding a partner that much more difficult

  2. Bravo to both of you. Please make sure you keep “Standards”.. Your life and health should never be compromised for 5 SECONDS !!!!!!!!

    5 Seconds!!!!!!—- is the amount of time the orgasm and feeling of pleasure last . Sex is merely physical interaction until a ” nut”. We make so much more out of it.

  3. NOTE: There are other reasons for “sex” .

    We would not be here if it weren’t for two people engaging in sex( ha ha ha ) .

    My response was in regards to the “post’ .( smile)

  4. I think sex is definitely different for us foxes. we have bear most of the risk. hiv, injury, and anal cancer (which is on rise). we have to be careful.
    plus it’s more intimate for foxes. someone is literally penetrating you. you can’t get more vulnerable and intimate than that.

  5. I have a younger gay family member who will mess around with just about anything for the sake of a nut, and I realize it has to be something psychological, he is good looking, educated and has a well paying job, but scrapes the bottom of the barrel when it comes to sex partners and I mean like a different ones everyday, he is always searching internet apps and cruising spots trying to find someone new. He is like the female in that movie Addicted. I have tried to have a conversation with him about his behaviors and he pretty much blows me off, but I genuinely worry about him and his safety and hope I wont get a call saying something bad has happened or he calls me upset that he has contracted a no cure STD. Thanks to having to deal with HIV/AIDS with a close friend at a very young age, I am paranoid about any sexual encounter to the point at times I have went years being celibate before I would just hook-up with a random I knew nothing about. In these gay streets sex is easier to get than a menu item off of a fast food dollar menu. I have probably missed out on some good sexual encounters but it is nothing like getting a good bill health when you have your annual physical. In life we can never be sure because any sexual encounter can turn bad or put your life at risk even when you know someone but cutting down on random sex with strangers also lowers your risk of bad news down the line. You have to be selfish with your health.

  6. You clearly think you’re better and their lies the problem. It’s not up to you to police or judge someone’s standards because they don’t fit your box. First you’re talking about one person with a disability (missing 👁) and then the other who is addicted. Who hurt you?

    1. Here y’all go with this 😂😂😂 everytime Someone expresses their standards you get on a soapbox and tell them They’re wrong and should be open and accepting to ppl doing whatever . We all have standards and want to surround ourselves with people who have them also. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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