there is light at the other side of his tunnel

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

ya know,
i’m really glad i’ve been really particular about who got up inside me.
big dicks,
medium dicks,
lil’ ass dicks…
i was serious about my hole health and grip strength.
a wolf said to me today:

“You probably got the tightest hole in the world.”

i saw this video today and even though it was supposed to be about the tattoo

…i could see what he had for lunch.

we could see from his hole that has a stomach ache.

How many dicks have been up in this person???????

is this what they mean when someone has to wear diapers?
can he even fart?
i have so many questions.
holy (no pun intended) guacamole.

lowkey: on the top things i don’t want,
my bootyhole looking like that is in the top 5.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “there is light at the other side of his tunnel”

  1. What’s wrong with these people? You wanna have your asshole exposed like that for hours? That tattoo artist must have asked for a hefty price too! Nasty ass!

  2. Forreal??? This what people doing now a days? Why???? Honestly stuff like this make me ok with being very regular….

  3. I…uh…don’t know what to say, LMAO. Good for him? I mean everything else was pierced, ringed, and/or tatted so why not? I do hope for his sake that his hole closes at some point because that just has to be anxiety producing when not having sex.

  4. Yall haven’t seen nothing, his hole is nothing compared to the shit you can find on PH. I have seen holes the size of a cantaloupes. And sometimes their guts kind of like spill out, it’s very red. I do know a LOT of tops like it like that, because they are so streched out it has groves and folds and kind of vaginal qualities. No hate but I would like my walls intact and my grip game in the top tier.

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