colton underwood only came out because he was being blackmailed for his sexuality?

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colton underwood shares some of the same sentiments we have faced as gay or bi males.
as you know he was the former abc’s “the bachelor” who ( x came out as gay recently ).
he realized he was gay at a young age but came from a strict christian background.
he played football to try to blend in with the straights,
but you can only run from yourself for so long.

Think about all the folks who ran from themselves until their death beds?

according to colton,
he came out because he was being blackmailed

Colton Underwood, the first star of “The Bachelor” franchise to come out, says he was blackmailed before he announced last month that he is gay.

Variety, which has an exclusive interview, says Underwood “secretly visited a spa known for catering to gay clientele. Shortly thereafter, he received an anonymous email, which has been reviewed by Variety, from someone claiming to have taken his nude photos at the venue.”

Underwood, a former professional football player, said the incident forced him to come out to his publicist. That led to his public announcement in an interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” in April.

i hate when jackals and hyenas do this.
i’ve found out so many secrets about folks and i’ve never once thought:

“Let me blackmail them because…
I don’t know why,
but lemme blackmail them for shits and giggles.”

it’s fuckin’ ridiculous.
if you ever find yourself in a blackmail situation about your sexuality:

Spill your own tea before someone else does.

control how YOUR story is told.
fear is what keeps people under blackmail.
they’re scared that whatever secret will ruin them but i’m here to font:

You can always turn a story around in your favor.

if no one in your life accepts you for what is revealed,
you can pack up and move out of your city to start fresh somewhere else.
don’t bring fear into starting somewhere new.

i had to wonder tho that if colton was never blackmailed,
would he have come out so publicly?

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7 thoughts on “colton underwood only came out because he was being blackmailed for his sexuality?

  1. He’s a psycho stalker and abuser. I wont forget he stalked that woman and chipped her car. No sympathy from me. And he’s rewarded with a show, basically for bad behaviour. Nope!

    He needs to be revealing this to the police and his therapist not to the general public.

  2. Hes an conventionally attractive white male in america WITH money. He’ll be just fine. Hell probably even thrive more now.

    1. He went to a bathhouse to probable get down and folks need to mind their business??? Now if he was in the privacy of his own home or even in sexual setting with people he was more familiar with then I completely get how foul telling somebody business is, but he is in a public place attempting to service or get serviced by somebody…. He set himself up for that one so absolutely no sympathy here!!

  3. I don’t know like are we supposed to feel bad for him or something? Like bruh nobody cares Colton! LOL
    This should have been a bombshell but with everything going on in the world we are just like yeah we don’t care about your coming out white boy! Get outta here!

    1. I agree completely. When I saw this on a national newsfeed I was like “WTF? Who cares about him at THIS point?”

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