guess which abc “the bachelor” realized he’d rather give roses to males?

there comes a point in a male’s life where he realizes he can’t do “straight” anymore.
he can’t keep hating the side he tries to repress any longer.
as much as he dates vixen,
you truly can’t give them what they want.
there is this honeymoon phase when you date vixens as a suppressed gay male,
but like anything else,
that goes away after a few weeks or months.
not only that,
when you’re suppressing gay,
you start hating vixens because they aren’t what you desire.
you can tell by the misery on their faces in pics and videos.
that or she is just really.
ex nfl baller wolf,
colton underwood
of abc’s “the bachelor“,
decided he couldn’t do “straight” any longer…

Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood has come out as gay in an emotional interview, revealing that he attempted suicide while struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and admitting he thought that being chosen for the ABC dating show was a sign that God had ‘made him straight’. 

The 29-year-old ex-NFL player made the candid admission to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts on Wednesday, revealing that the forced isolation during the pandemic forced him to finally ‘look at himself in the mirror’ and come to terms with his sexuality, before telling the host: ‘I’m gay.’   

‘Obviously this year’s been a lot for a lot of people and it’s probably made a lot of people look themselves in the mirror and figure out who they are and what they’ve been running from or putting off in their lives and for me, I’ve ran from myself for a long time,’ he explained. ‘I’ve hated myself for a long time.’  

good for him.
if you used the pandemic wisely,
it helped many of us look closely in the mirror at ourselves.
for others,
it made them hate themselves more.
i think a shit ton of mental illnesses emerged because of the pandemic tbh.

i know people will get on him for “dating vixens” on that show,
but sometimes,
some folks truly want to wash away the feelings of being attracted to the same sex.

i like to think it’s a process almost.
it could be because of toxic religions or even scared of what those around us will think.
colton remained a virgin and wasn’t sleeping around trying to prove he was straight.
that is very similar to how i came to terms with my sexuality.

I had sex with a vixen once,
but I knew it wasn’t what I truly wanted.
I chose to distance myself so I didn’t lead any vixens on.
They tried and simply curved them from getting close.

people are really hard on males for their sexuality.
bad enough,
folks in the community do the same as well.
i refuse to be that person to someone else.
being gay and coming to terms is not an easy task for many people.
i need people to fuckin’ understand that.
not everyone was voguing and in the ball scene for their come-out stories.
there is so much shame and trauma that we have had because of it.
i appreciate that the pandemic allowed colton and others to say the two words to themselves first:

“I’m gay.”

…and no matter how long it took,
it’s fuckin okay.

lowkey: i bet the white twinks are salivating at this newest arrival.

article cc: the daily mail

11 thoughts on “guess which abc “the bachelor” realized he’d rather give roses to males?

  1. Lol I knew when I heard the virgin shit it was such a lie hes a lie as well wtf I know abc like oh no lmao

  2. Why did he go on a show with 25 women if he knew he was gay since he was a kid? He’s near 30, not a kid anymore this man knew he didn’t want a girl. Like why waste people’s time!

    1. ^i mean why do people try to date us,
      make us feel like we are the one,
      have us thinking we have a future together,
      and dump us after a couple years for “the one”?

    2. Because’s he’s an ex NFL player and he needed to keep up appearances, you can only go so long without a women (especially when your as good looking as he is) before people in your life start asking questions & when you don’t want people to know something that YOU don’t even like about yourself, wasting a women’s time isn’t even close to the worst thing you’ll do to keep that secret, not saying it’s right AT ALL just saying how & why it happens

      1. ^i think this is why these type of males “settle” with some random.
        it’s to throw people off their trail from asking questions about their sexuality.
        you know people don’t question what they SEE.
        so if they SEE you with a woman,
        they’ll stop asking questions.

        this is how many DL males fool some of the gp.

  3. You can never run from your true self. The true you will always be there. Even when it’s all over.

    1. ^yup!

      i hope to inspire those to look in the mirror first and accept themselves.
      they don’t need a big coming out story.
      you have to accept you before anything else.

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