even though colton underwood is getting dragged, he came out on top? (netflix)

so this colton underwood story took a turn really quickly.
he did quite a lot in his “straight” life with his ex,
cassie randolph.
i mean he played the role quite well:


he was accused of stalking and being a real creep to her via “x us weekly“:

Underwood, 29, and Randolph, 25, began dating during season 23 of The Bachelor, which aired in 2019. They announced their split in May 2020, and she subsequently filed for a restraining order against him in September 2020, claiming that he put a tracking device on her car. He denied her allegations, and the restraining order was dropped in November 2020.

he has since apologized to cassie about his behavior.
 this is the part that made me eye-roll about this whole thing…

via “x tmz“:

did any of the black gays who came out get this kind of hoorah?
probably not.

sidebar: is there like a committee of powerful gays in hollywood that run shit?
i’d like to be a part of that.

do we really need to see life as a newly out white gay male on tv?
i’m sure it will be shopping for the tightest crop tops and his first night at a gay club in chelsea.
i mean,
he’s handsome and has a nice bawdy so folks will tune in for that alone.

lowkey: i will say that after watching “american horror story: 1984“,
 gus kenworthy is lowkey sexy to me...

i’d ride him all up and down those ski slopes.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “even though colton underwood is getting dragged, he came out on top? (netflix)”

  1. Typical white privilege!
    If he were black he’d be dragged by the whites, BLACKS, and the tv network probably would’ve issued an apology to the audience and the women time that he wasted!!!

    Like I said before he was comfortable in his sexuality, it’s clear he only came out for the publicity & a CHECK!

  2. Michael Sam comes to mind, when he came out, he caught all kinds of hell from the black community and his own family, no matter how talented he was on the field.

  3. Yes, Jamari There is a Gay White Mafia in Hollywood. One of them works for The CW and does their superhero shows like Arrow and The Flash. Another was the MeToo freak who did the X-Men movies.

  4. “had a film crew following him for the past few weeks, and the show — focusing on his life as a gay man ” “Gus Kenworthy will appear on the series as his “gay guide.” So Netflix gave this man a reality show after he came out as gay for all of10 minutes and he gets a “gay guide…” I can’t

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