let’s send healing and lots of love over to tank right now

i feel like i can only listen to tank‘s music when i want to have sex.
there are just some artists who turn me on.
my fantasy is to fuck him too but thats a whole other story.
he is on that list so i don’t listen to him much,
but i love the work he puts out.
he shared some sad news with us on his ig.
he has gone completely deaf in his right ear…


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uh uh!
not my sexy lil singing manz!
it’s cray how he was just promoting his new single!

this is why we should never think we won’t be humbled by life.
some shit will come out of nowhere on our ass.
i’m gonna send healing energy and tremendous prayers to tank and his loved ones.
i hope he can get past this rough patch and it won’t affect his talent in any way.

lowkey: i gotta watch that movie with keri hilson and him on lifetime.
i keep hearing it was really good.

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9 thoughts on “let’s send healing and lots of love over to tank right now”

  1. He’ll overcome. I remember years ago when Jill Scott suffered from something similar. She had sudden deaf syndrome I think while touring or traveling in between shows. After awhile her hearing came back. I love his musicandvoice. I was supposed to see him and Fantasia in Atlantic city but covid19 canceled all the concerts last year. I’ll pray for him.

      1. Blood circulation issues; neurological disorders; infections of the inner ear. We have to make sure that we go for yearly physicals to stay on top of our health. Even if they’re no symptoms we must engage in preventive care. Ive had type 1 diabetes since age 9 and I see multiple Dr’s each year just to stay on top of my health..I’m going to see my Cardiologist May 21st, my Primary Dr and Podiatrist in June. Little issues with our bodies can cause major problems in the future.

  2. Thanks for all of the prayers and support for my fiancee during this difficult time. I will make sure his hearing and other senses are at 100%.

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