my friends f*cked each other, f*cked me, and karma f*cked them

there was a vixen and wolf (before they turned) i was really cool with.

this was during my brief stint as a high school student before i dropped out.
 if you came to school late,
you couldn’t get into the building so we met playing hooky.
we had a good time that day.
a week later,
they started fucking.
i’d be on the bed,
playing video games,
and he would be clappin’ her cheeks hard.
they’d let me touch them as they were getting it on.
she had a nice bawdy and he had a big beautiful dick and fat ass.
i was in the room when they tried anal for the first time.
they wanted me to watch.

You know I like watching people fuck.

it was good up until

…she started cheating on him HEAVY with an older wolf with a nice car and money.
she was fuckin’ them both at the same time.
our friend (and her man) was sexy in a boyish way,
but he didn’t have the aggression or money she craved.
he only knew how to fuck her brains out but thats about it.

one day,
he was talking about proposing to her.
he was so sprung on her,
but she was treating him like shit.
she started treating me like shit and we had a falling out.
he was at my crib,
legit crying about how she was treating him,
and i was on “fuck it” energy so…

I ended up telling him about her.

he needed to know how trash she was as he was crying for her.
he was crying for her and she was getting fucked at the same moment.
after i told him,
he said he was done with her and claimed he was moving on to some new vixen.
it wasn’t about 2 weeks later,
she came at me reckless on the phone.

“…and fuck you,
you gay skinny bitch!
All my family and friends think what a faggot you are!”

…all while he is in the background.

she highlighted how they weren’t gonna fuck with me anymore.
it hurt my feelings,
but i left them alone and moved on.
my pull-out game is strong and i know when to bow out gracefully.

years later,
someone told me that they weren’t together anymore after all of that.

“She fucked his best friend and got pregnant.
She ended up having 3 kids with the best friend.
He was so hurt that he left and moved to Florida.”

they both look a mess now.
she found me on ig,
wanting to be friends again while obsessed with how i look now.
he had the nerve to act standoffish and not respond to my dm.

“People will stop talking to you because they owe you an apology.”

i guess he is still embarrassed.

i was telling someone this story today,
but i’ve noticed that people will ignore the warnings from others.
we tend to ignore those things because we want to see the “good” in others.
they might be fun to chill with,
we are attracted to them,
or they have connections that we need.
i’ve been warned by others about some people and learned the hard way.
i’m sure it was all wanting to see the good but…

Some folks are just bad people.

…and we need to remember this so we aren’t shocked when they hurt us.

10 thoughts on “my friends f*cked each other, f*cked me, and karma f*cked them

  1. A friend of mine had all my shit stolen, and then didn’t give me the insurance!!! And when I cut that ass off, he went around telling everyone all kinds of lies. I’m laughing though cause I’m ready to expose all his business, if he keeps up with the charades. It’s funny cause he has a nigga that beats his ass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

      1. Of course I would expose him with receipts. He has everyone on and off social media fooled about how he really is. I’m not really gonna expose who he really is, but I want to so bad. Luckily I know Karma will do her job just fine.

  2. No cap..I’ve always wanted to watch two fine people having sex in real time. But I think I’m missing the point of this story lol. Yeah, you’re right. Karma is a MF and she comes with a vengeance. As always protect your piece and magic Jamari!

    P.S. Drop their IG or feel free to DM it to me 😂

    1. ^😂😂😂

      nah they look terrible now.
      they all had kids,
      gained hella weight,
      and stopped caring about their looks and style.

      during high school tho…
      he was cute and thick,
      but his dick was thick and huge.
      his ass was fat too.

    2. ^for a high school wolf,
      he was good at fuckin.
      he wasn’t a rabbit pumper.
      his stroke was crazy.
      i’ll never forget when i first saw them and they loved having me in the room when they fucked.
      they had a thing for me watching them.

      1. I’m suprised they didn’t ask you to join or run a train. That’s lowkey a male fantasy at that age.

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