steven beck flexes his muscles in something new

ya’ll still going in on his alleged nose job or nah?
remember when steven beck was everywhere?
i know,
me too.
he was a staple on the foxhole on his many different career paths.
he was a model,
a singer,
and a stripper.
it seems that steven has taken his talents to another creative outlet.
you can call him “raymond“…

…in the series,
stuck with you“,
on the all blk network


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A post shared by Steven Beck (@thestevenbeck)

is steven gonna bless up with any sex scenes?

i’ll tune tf infor that,
but the series looks pretty good.

i enjoy aunt viv doing her own thing than playing the hollywood game.
this gives up actors,
whether up and coming or seasoned,
you know how fickle this hollywood life can be for black folks.
i’ll allow it.
season 2 of “stuck with you” is on all blk now.

lowkey: why did i think the vixen in that clip was the actress from “wandavision”?
i was like damn,
steven came tf up.

watch “stuck with you”: here

9 thoughts on “steven beck flexes his muscles in something new

  1. He just posted that he will be opening a gym in July, “The Beck Effect Gym” in Hollywood,California.As for his career choices,if he wants to make music,act,train,own a gym,etc…awesome,multiple streams of income😃.But seriously if he is interested in those things why not pursue them.And congratulations to him on his gym.

    1. The gym is closed down as of last week. I live right across from it. Must have been to hard to maintain with no real clients. His new onlyfans page isn’t backed tho. He finally showed the D

  2. I wouldn’t call this a come up. These low budget streaming services dont pay any real money and dont last very long. Steven Beck is still very much on the LA escort circuit while still trying to make fetch happen. He’s been a singer, a model, a stripper, a personal trainer, and I guess now a z-list actor. He’s literally thrown everything against the wall trying to make something stick. The girls will do everything but get a real job.

    1. This got me screaming but it’s true and they don’t Have the talent it’s one thing when you’re an artist and good at it. I also despise the itty bitty piggy nose. So feminine and unnecessary. All that body and he had a masculine natural face he went and cut up like a clermont

    2. Escort? For women or men (or both)? Is that what these IG models are out here doing?

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