atlanta city councilman, antonio brown, is coming harder for something greater

scandals don’t last for too long.
as humans,
have short attention spans especially due to social media.
we are on one thing today and the kardashians do something that takes our attention away.

Scandals don’t last too long.

atlanta city councilman,
antonio brown,
has moved past scandal and onto bigger and better

Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Brown officially announced he is running for mayor, telling supporters Friday that he wants to reimagine public safety to empower and support the city’s marginalized communities.

Brown appeared on the steps of City Hall surrounded by supporters as he promised to provide opportunities for quality jobs and affordable housing for the city’s youth, senior citizens, the LGBTQ+ community, the working middle class, and the homeless.

“I’ve watched as our so called leaders have perpetuated a facade of a Black mecca of the South, which has resulted in generations of underserved communities, stuck in a continuous cycle of poverty,” Brown said.

I ask you to join me as we begin the journey of reimagining Atlanta together.


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A post shared by Antonio Brown (@antonioforatl)

he seems very loved within atl.
mayor keisha lance bottoms (a funny last name considering atl…) isn’t doing a second term soooo….

Antonio could pretty much get it.

i think once you’re loved and have a great reputation by folks,
you’re guaranteed for them to come through for you.
it would be a good look if he won.
he’s very passionate about atl and its community.
not to mention that he is handsome af too.

underneath that suit is ( x a bawddddddddy ).
( x ello ).

i’ll allow it.

article cc: ajc
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Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “atlanta city councilman, antonio brown, is coming harder for something greater”

  1. Chile, she’s a stunt queen. He’s got FEDERAL charges for mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, and the list goes on. Please believe any other mayoral candidates will eat his ass up on these charges and erode any faith the public has in him.

  2. When he was running for Councilman I mentioned that the City Council would just be starting point of a career in public office.I knew he would run for mayor eventually.Good luck to him.

  3. Yall saying he got federal charges like Mayor Kaseem Reed’s ENTIRE cabinet is’nt sitting behind bars for corruption! Apparently here in the A that’s the way to be a successful politician…

  4. He will never win. He trying to appeal Bottoms audience but too much damage has been done. Too much crime has occurred. He won’t even make the top two

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