Don’t Be Nervous

tumblr_lxyducJRLk1r010fmo1_500_largei’m nervous.
okay i’m not nervous.
okay i am nervous.
i’m excited about my big first day tomorrow.
a day that i’ve been waiting for a long time now…

i ironed my clothes early.
dark blue dress shirt,
grey slacks,
and gloves.
i can’t wait to go shopping for new work clothes.
put everything i need in my bag.
travel cream,
iPad (maybe),
yves saint laurent cologne sample cologne (star fox’s favorite),
barf bag (just in case),
and rosary beads.
placed them all in strategic places for the morning.
i like to be ready to grab and go.
i’m not the type to want to figure out “omg what should i wear/wear is it?” in the morning.
i was going to bring my laptop,
just in case,
but i’ll get a lay of the land first.
i pray my anxiety doesn’t act up tomorrow.
i really need to practice breathing exercises or something.
i just want a smooth take off.
luckily it’ll only take me 20 minutes to get to work.
wow, work.
so strange to say that.
anyway it’s pretty close to my crib so that’s a major plus.
i want to try to be asleep after “the walking dead” tonight.
hopefully i can find a live stream that doesn’t fuck up.
yeah talking about it now just made me realize how excited i am.
not so much nervous anymore.
just a little.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Don’t Be Nervous”

  1. Aww a Fox is nervous….you be fine man. Make sure you get sleep. You are going to need it for your first day, but I know you will prevail and give Mr. Green your all. 😀

    Good Luck

  2. Okay sound good, i’m glad you got everything prepare and remember always be polite.
    i’m so glad you got this job.
    and hopefully this mean you’re staying in new york and fuck florida.

  3. Go to Youtube and look up meditation music.Do some Yoga.I know you have first day jitters but pretty soon it will be a typical run of the mill day for you.

  4. Hey man you will be fine. I just started my new job last week and I woke up at 3AM thinking I had overslept for the first day of orientation LOL. It felt a little weird but I am going in with a positive attitude and grateful to be back on a permanent position. I am so looking forward to going shopping again and being able to do the things I used to do, but also I realize with this employment drought I been in, I dont need as much as I thought I did. Instead of hanging out today, I spent the day trying on, and putting outfits together for the upcoming work week and preparing food for lunch, its nothing like being prepared and it makes the day less stressful, I just hope that I can keep my excitement going, so glad that winter is almost over, I usually get depressed in cold weather, my spirits and mood improve greatly in warmer weather.

  5. You’ll do fine Jamari just relax and be yourself. S/N if u see any fine corporate wolves can u direct them to my direction

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