Don’t Be Nervous

tumblr_lxyducJRLk1r010fmo1_500_largei’m nervous.
okay i’m not nervous.
okay i am nervous.
i’m excited about my big first day tomorrow.
a day that i’ve been waiting for a long time now…
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I Dont Wan Nah Lotta Baggage Pon Me

okyes^this is the kardashian baggage when they travel.
this is the first time I’m getting on a plane in a while.
a long while.
when i was younger,
my parents use to always take me here and there.
after they died,
it was car,
or train to whatever destination i was headed too.
plus 9/11 scared me from even getting on a plane again.
next week however,
i will be facing that fear head on to go down south…
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Baller Wolf, Joe Lefeged, Packs Steel… and Not In The Good Way?

BANGBANGAGAINwho would have known throwing up gun signs would be a foreshadow?
baller wolf for the colts,
joe lefeged,
got over shadowed by aaron hernandez.
joey just got released after packin the steel and got caught running…

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He Has A Big Bengal-Hopper

Seems like a certain Cincinnati Bengal has alot more growing to do…

… or is he really just a shower?

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