He Has A Big Bengal-Hopper

Seems like a certain Cincinnati Bengal has alot more growing to do…

… or is he really just a shower?

I got the privilege of speaking with Older Fox
and he happened to be in the locker room jungle after the Bengals played the Falcons…

… well our favorite show boat, C.O, was ready for his close up…
… and it was average at best.
Maybe when he is ready to perform for a private viewing,
he always gets a standing O-Cho.
Ain’t nothing worst than attending an over-hyped show and getting a small reception.

Here’s hoping he was just cold that day….

But I did get word that another player is Pac-ing in all that right places.
Semi hard and still had alot of meat?
I’m awarding him 10,000 bonus points, and a free play in my arcade.

But the most surprising news was the thick and uncut leader of the entire team.
Who knew older Tigers were the Wolves we really need to be looking out for?

Nothing better than a surprise and Foxes,
you got a 3 for one special.

The Shower
The Grower
and The Big Skipper.

Bottoms up.