Can I F*ck Your Face? (Story of Turned Out)

I got an interesting message from someone I use to know yesterday.
He looked up to me as a big brother…

he is trying to have my lips on his dick.

His name is now TURNED OUT because that is what happened to him.
He was TURNED THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!

I got the low down from Star Fox about him a while back.
As told to me,
a certain Teen Queen from my old stomping religious grounds turned him out during one night of baby sitting.
I swear, church is the devil’s playground.
Teen Queen was around 18 and Turned Out was like 12-13.
Teen Queen sucked his little big dick and that my friends was a wrap.
Turns out Star Fox also got a dick tasting sample (the twist in that story that blew my mind).
Star Fox said he practiced his head giving 101 on Turned Out (that is why he is such a pro now).

All this was going on and I was completely clueless.
Then again, I was dealing with my own sexuality issues to notice PLUS he was young as hell. Yuck.
Who do I look like? Eddie Long Stroke Fox?

I saw him as the bad ass boy who couldn’t sit his ass down and was always getting into trouble.

So yesterday,
I am minding my own business when I got a private message from a social network I frequent.
For the life of me,
I could not figure out who it was but I knew his default made him look familiar.
After careful investigation, I found out it was him and we caught up.

“Ive been good… yadda yadda yadda…. I just had a baby girl… yadda yadda yadda….
…. I miss seeing you…. yadda yadda yadda…. You look like you give good head…. PAUSE!”

It took me by surprise THAT HE WAS THAT BOLD!!!!!!!!
He was bolder than most Wolves have been with me.

I knew him as a young dude who would be trying to get my attention doing silly things….
…. but was he doing that because he was secretly attracted to me??????????
Since this whole dick suckin’ scandal was brewing in the background of my foreground?

He went in on how much he likes head.
Wet and sloppy head.
He wants to fuck face and get that ill deep throat.

I will admit,
I entertained it since he is now legal but I was still giving the major side eye.
It almost saddened me because I knew the low down of how he got into this lifestyle.

Life has not treated him so kindly.
He smokes way to much weed and drinks like a fish.
He looks pretty dusty and no way my lips will EVER meet his penis for Starbucks.

I did enjoy the flirting (since I’ll flirt with a tree) but I stopped at:

I bet I could fit my whole dick down your throat…

As tempting as that sounds,
I want to enjoy the memory of Turned Out as the young dude who I thought was just innocent
…and not the young man that wants to play tonsil ping pong with his dick.

I am sure there is more to the story so stay tuned….