Baller Wolf, Joe Lefeged, Packs Steel… and Not In The Good Way?

BANGBANGAGAINwho would have known throwing up gun signs would be a foreshadow?
baller wolf for the colts,
joe lefeged,
got over shadowed by aaron hernandez.
joey just got released after packin the steel and got caught running…

IFWT-Joe-LefegedIndianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged (luh-FEHJ’) has been released after a hearing in a Washington, D.C., court on a gun possession charge.

Lefeged was arrested early Saturday after police found a semi-automatic pistol in the car he was riding in. Police say they also smelled marijuana in the car and found a bottle containing vodka.

The car had been pulled over for speeding but then sped away. Police say Lefeged and another passenger were caught after they tried to run from officers.

Prosecutors wanted to keep him behind bars, saying the gun was loaded and there was evidence of drug use.

The Colts have said they’re aware of the arrest and are gathering gather more details.


now joe,
you know packin’ the steel only applies to in your jock strap:

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 7.31.09 PMsmh.
drake should make a remix:

no old friends.

lowkey: how funny is this now?

he kinda cute tho:

but could get the cheeks on a late night creep.

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