I Got Somebody Else… and I’m Leaving You.

tumblr_mpoptwu7bv1qecroco1_500she looks so good.
she looks her best when she’s toned down.
i was looking at her the entire time while watching the video.
sorry mario.
mario premiered his new song,
“somebody else” with nicki minaj,
and the shit goes hard body…

i like this record.

lowkey: i been in the need of people’s testimonies.
this youtube make up artist named “beat face honey”
is the reason nickis make up looks so toned down lately.
bfh has been on the struggle for a while.
brandy found her and hired her as her mua.
watch nicki tell necole bitchie how she discovered bfh:

tumblr_mk4mrcNpHg1s7r8sto1_500there isn’t a test without a testimony.

x visit beat face honey

x buy “somebody else” now

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Got Somebody Else… and I’m Leaving You.”

  1. That song is amazing.
    Nicki looking like an Egyptian Goddess in that video.
    *licks lips @ Mario*

  2. The beat is dope. Love it.

    When Nicki turned around at the beginning I was like DAMN. She would look even better if her skin wasn’t so white. Yea, I went there, I had to. She needs some sun and needs to keep away from the bleach. Facial features match our skin complexions. I’m tired of telling people that. It doesn’t look good.

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