Ashanti Tells Us Something About Down Low Men We Don’t Know

tumblr_mpqbwjLSwf1rhy9yzo1_500i mean this gets a foxhole “duh” from all of us…

So Joan Rivers asked Ashanti you feature a gay couple in your new music video, are there a lot of gays in hip hop?

George said they call it down low and Ashanti said “Yes there are a lot of down low men in the industry, a lot” and than Joan moves on but Ashanti was about to go in.


what about all the down low VIXENS in the industry?
since men always get the scarlet “DL” on their chest,
why don’t we also spotlight the frequent vistors in coochie cavern?
i hear there is more of them than us.
i do have one burning question ashanti:
when is braveheart coming out?

tumblr_mpo7mbqLCC1r6zwv3o1_400lowkey: ashanti deserves to win.
although everything after the first album was mediocre.
she visited espn first take yesterday where she spit a quick freestyle:

and she also showed how fast she is with baller wolf cowboy,
demarco murray:


she coulda won if she pulled his pants down:

tumblr_mh9tfrvlfU1qzk7swo1_400photo credit of demarco: stanton stephens

4 thoughts on “Ashanti Tells Us Something About Down Low Men We Don’t Know

  1. Well a subject she should be well versed in being that she was with one for a number of years, ask Tameka “Tiny” Harris. This entertainment industry aint no joke, I dont think that these guys and gals necessary identify with being gay or anything, but it seems just like many mess around to take it to the next freak level, its just the Hollywood way. I have heard that many of our favorite females dont mind engaging in a little female fun from time to time ask Serena Williams, La-La, and Kelly Rowland.

  2. DL females.. lol. Please … a chick who fucks around with females and men – news flash? What is so taboo about her? Nothing

  3. Yea its def. more DL females than it is us, trust me on that.

    Demarco is my boo. I love that dude. I remember that game when his pants kept sliding down like it was yesterday. That shit happened like 5 times. I couldn’t get enough of that ass. He got a nice one.

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