Alfonzo Dennard: Another Baller Wolf Bites The Dust?

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.36.51 PMhe looks a wolf i use to talk too.
damn i miss that.
*looks thru old phone for number*

so the new england patriots holds some thug wolves on their team.
guns and goal posts.
i love it.
aaron hernandez may have a new cellmate soon.
alfonzo dennard may just be joining him…

alfonzo-dennardits amazing what a fitted can do…

Patriots defensive back Alfonzo Dennard was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Nebraska early Thursday morning, Lincoln police confirmed.

According to a police report, Dennard was stopped just before 2 a.m. on Normal Boulevard after a Lincoln police sergeant observed a red Honda Accord straddling lane lines. The report says Dennard “emitted an odor of alcohol and displayed signs of impairment.”

After field sobriety tests were performed at the scene, he was taken to Cornhusker Place, a substance abuse treatment facility, for a breath test, but the report says he “would not provide an adequate breath sample for testing.”

Dennard was cited for DUI, refusal of a chemical test, and straddling lane lines, and then released. He has a court date of Aug. 12.

Dennard’s arrest is the latest black mark for the Patriots, who released Aaron Hernandez last month hours after he was arrested in connection with the murder or Odin Lloyd.

“The New England Patriots are extremely disappointed to learn of Alfonzo Dennard’s arrest,” the team said in a statement Thursday.

“We take this matter very seriously and are working to get more information on the incident.”

Dennard is on two years probation, must serve a 30-day jail sentence in 2014, and perform community service following his conviction on a felony assault charge stemming from a dispute outside a Lincoln bar in 2012. Dennard was convicted of assaulting a police officer during the April 21, 2012 incident.


tumblr_m6hm691UhY1r0ghi8o1_500summer ’13 got these wolves ack’n up, huh?
he has wo beautiful cubs too.
he better hope the pats keep him.
the nfl is droppin’ baller wolves left and right for ratchetness.

lowkey: he’s attractive in a ratchet way.
i’d let him take me to breakfast at ihop.

x alfonzo dennard instagram

he is definitely the “past 11pm – 4am” phone call.
i wonder if vixens will be campaigning for his release like aaron?

6 thoughts on “Alfonzo Dennard: Another Baller Wolf Bites The Dust?

  1. It’s a damn shame. When are these niggas gone learn? They have the platform to be successful and they mess it up every time. It’s people out there who wish they had the chance.

    Yea, he def. looks different without the hat. Fitteds are not a good look for me unless I wear them backwards. I love wearing them, but I look so average with one on. I’ve been told I look so much better without one. I barely wear them anymore lol.

    1. ^let your soul glo!
      naw seriously,
      i feel you on wearing fitteds.
      some people wear them and they look so good.
      they take it off you getting a cone head or a 5 head.

  2. He might be done dude seem about that Instagram life oh well we don’t need him

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