Let Me Tell Ya’ll About People And The Shit They Come With

this came over my spirit this morning.
well its been on my foxi spirt for a while now.
from straight to gay,
i am really starting to realize some people ain’t shit.
now there are good people out there.
i like to think i’m one of them.
others however always get the ed lover:

EdLover-CMonSon-Ep16in my short time heere on earth,
i can say ive interacted with all kinds of people.
when you work in the entertainment industry,
it’s enhanced by 1,000.
this should speak to someone out there.
others may not “get it”.
not yet anyway,
but they will.
hell you may just be one of the following below…

 the “bite your swagg with no royalties”

they usually act like a groupie upon first meeting,
but they been watching you for a while.
they like how you do what you do.
they saw this light within you that they don’t have.
they slowly start doing little things that you do.
certain mannerisms.
same style of dressing.
career choices.
all of a sudden,
you got a fuckin’ twin.

tumblr_inline_mhvf88M7T31rf29cca low rent version at that.
as soon as you call them out,
they act mad confused.
they either leave and still struggle to be you,
they shortly burn out and go back to “aint shit”,
or move on to someone else with a better light.
“swagg suckaz is what i like to calls em”.

the “i like my tongue so i use it all the time”

these types fuck up all the time,
but ear hustle their way out of most situations.
they have the gift of telling you what you want to hear.
they don’t want no problems! problems!
coulda fooled me.
you constantly have to call them out for their bullshit.
the apology is always met with verbal flowers and candy.
they “say” they’re going to be there for you,
but they wont.
they “say” they are going to change,
but they never do.
these types just talk because they have a mouth and it just feels good.

tumblr_ly9zwczJ321qcir6bo1_400they usually give great head.

the “i just don’t like you for no reason”

pretty self-explanatory.
they always throwing some kind of shade your way.

tumblr_m8048hRI6i1qdgm7lo1_500you didn’t do anything to them at all.
you are clearly better than them and they realized it early.
they just see you’re type “the shit” personality and they somewhere at “nope”.
something about you makes them feel insecure as hell.
thats not your fault.
thats their fault.
they need to get their fuckin’ self worth together before walking out the door.
a good “#bowdown” treatment serves them well.

the “fallin’ star that looked so bright… from a distance.”

they’re gassed up as the next big thing.
some act like they are.
others act humble.
either way,
they looked like they were destined for greatness.
somehow life takes a turn,
they end up going in the wrong direction,
and now we have some loser with lost dreams and hopes.

black-and-white-bomb-disney-disney-world-explode-explosion-Favim.com-75431point: don’t look at others success and feel jealous about it.

the “ho-hums in the doldrums”

this person is EMO as fuck.
something is always wrong.
every sentence is met by a “sigh”.
jesus could personally present them with a lottery check,
turn water into wine,
and they would still be somehow suicidal about it.

tumblr_m8xvh7kafV1r7cs8zthese people are so negative that it starts to rub off on you.
next thing you know,
all kinds of shit starts going wrong in your life.
either tell them cut that shit out or cut them off.
the latter is usually better.

the “i can’t sit my ass down”

always doing something.
always somewhere.
always online talking about they doing something while somewhere.
they take pictures of damn near everything.
the hang over vomit on the bathroom floor.
that satisfactory turd they took.
they are extremely popular and love every minute of it.

awesome-guy-dancingthey will either be “the old man/woman” in the club…
…or a very repressed jehovah’s witness.

the “they shoulda never given you niggas twitter”

Free-Tweeting-Twitter-Bird-Iconyou ever just see those people who are always on twitter?
they tweet about this amazing ass life they have.
why come there seems to be no breaks in their timeline?
unless they scheduling these tweets,
these people are just satisfied with being online.
sometimes they create a whole new persona of who they would like to be.
its so bad they usually tweeting while fuckin’,
taking a shit,
or a bath.

the “pssh, ugh, eyes roll, and mmhmm whatever”

this person always has a fuckin attitude.
they hate on everything.
they probably hatin’ on this entry.

tami-attitude1you never see them be just neutral about shit.
“the sun is shining today?
i won the lottery?
eye roll.
mmhmm whatever.
they always got some shit to say.
they probably neck roll while having sex.
these people are never happy because somewhere in life,
something went wrong,
and they liked being a bitch.
they just need to meet someone to blow that back completely out regularly.
once that happens,
they usually become pleasant people.

the “bible thumpin’ stunt human”

you know these ones well.
they got a bible in one hand and a sermon in one mouth.
they always talkin something in the name of god.
you start to believe that they are perfect in prayer.
these types are the biggest hoes,
quickest shit starters,
and have the nastiest mouthes… ever.
don’t believe the hype.
their motto: i can repent for my sins on sunday.

church-gif-othe “backkkkkstabbers”

you meet them and they come off like the perfect friend.
they smile in your face,
tell you their business,
and even cry with you.
its all a ploy!!

backstabberbraggerthey take that info and tell it to whoever listens.
you can usually spot them easy because they talk about everyone.
what makes you think they not talking about you?
watch out for the ones who never tell you anything about them.
either they been placed on witness protection or they gathering your info.

the “you wanna fight? huh? do ya!”

they always looking to fight someone.
they are always mad as fuck for no reason.
someone even look at them the wrong way and they putting up dukes.
once they get that liquid courage

tumblr_m7beefgbkV1qkdh9eo1_400…all hell breaks loose.
these types usually get their asses beat time and time again.
the ones who can fight don’t broadcast it.

the “i’m too smart for my own good”

you ever see those kids that always talking?
their parents stay rolling their eyes or gotta tell them to shut up?
thats them!
they know everything.
they are the encyclopedia,
and jesus all in one.

talk-too-much-blah-blah-blah-ousually they just “know” a lot of shit but never experienced it.
you can usually tell someone who has “been there”.
it has a sense of realness.
“talkers” usually talk like a college professor.

the “oh i smashed the homies and the homie’s homies.”

the resident hoe in your area code who is your friend.
they done fucked everyone.
good news is they can tell you who can’t fuck,
who has a disease,
and who will have you doing the gangham style in the sack.

tumblr_masolipmMm1rt8dxlo1_500they are always cool as hell and have the best stories.
the only issue is when you are with them,
people think you get down like them.
sure thats fine when you want a quick smash,
but no… no you don’t want to be know as the side kick hoe.
sadly they either get worn out quick or die early.

the “i don’t believe you! you need more people!”

fuck-funny-gif-haha-liar-Favim.com-293329they always lying about something.
you can never believe them because its like they lie for fun.
you know its bad when they talking right in front of you,
but you looking up everything they saying on google.
its hard to spot them because they come off so believable.
they usually get busted when you mention them to someone else.
you instantly hear:


… i’m sure i’ve missed some,
but those are the main contenders.
life is all about experiences.
you will meet various kinds of people.
some with stronger negative traits than others.
i believe in giving everyone a rope.
once you hang yourself: BYE BITCH.
all you gotta do is trust your gut.
when you feel something isn’t right,
it usually ain’t.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Let Me Tell Ya’ll About People And The Shit They Come With”

  1. Jamari, have you ever seen a 50’s black & white film called: “All About Eve” Starring Bette Davis?

  2. People will let you do what you allow them to get away with.I believe in checking a bitch early once I see signs of trouble.If it gets too overwhelming,I cut them loose FAST!

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