I Would Ride The Hell Out Chu. I Damn Sure Would.

i saw my dream car tonight!
my dream wolf also owned it.
that’s another story.
i ran out of brown rice,
so i had to take a quick trip to the corner store.
when i walked out my building,
i saw this sexy wolf talkin to the spanish vixen couple buildings up.
he was definitely my type,
but i didn’t even focus on him for to long.
his car is what really got my attention….

2011+Cadillac+CTS-V+Coupe+new+carjust like in this picture.
i wanted to jump on it and start riding it.

tumblr_mgx6xvzG101rpc5kho1_500it made me so horny.
i knew it was a cadillac,
but what?
when i was coming back and he turned on the headlights:


tumblr_lqrzi6A3ej1qlo6dco1_500after i changed my drawz,
i got on my computer to look for the name.

x cadillac cts luxury coupe

i want it.
i want it now.
i would ride the shit out this car.
i know i liked a range and a bugatti,
but i’ll settle for this.
i have something to add to my vision board later.
i might even pay my tithes.
this will happen!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “I Would Ride The Hell Out Chu. I Damn Sure Would.”

  1. My “ex” used to drive a cadillac, a white one, he would look oh so sexy pulling up that bitch next to my dorm and all these fools keep looking like damn who that person here to see and he was earning his Masters, DOUBLE SEXAY

  2. Car is tight. Prob. could have got that dude’s number if you weren’t so focused on his ride lol.

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