ashanti and nelly make “spin the block” look good

after years of being in no contact,
getting into other relationships,
and 1/2 having new mouths to feed,
it seems like ashanti and nelly are back together in 2023.
^this is them at the gc black ball.


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the gp is split down the middle with opinions.

Some were hoping they’d get back together.
Others think she is crazy, especially with how he treated her.

…but can people change enough for that reconnect?
who we were in our teens,
we aren’t in our 20s,
and who we were in our 30s is not who we are in…
you get the picture.

i’ve been thinking a lot about getting back with those from your past.
this can even be about friendships,
estranged family members,
and returning to jobs we left many moons ago.
we all know that facebook is where the past tends to find us again but…

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um, can we font about ashanti for a second

i don’t care what anyone tells me:

Ashanti’s first album is a classic


she deserved all of her success for that album,
even though i hated “happy” at the time.
can i font that i was obsessed with this song from her second album…


she was the epitome of the “pretty hood vixen who dated the drug dealers“.
ashanti was riding high,
but as soon as this one dropped:

…that was pretty much it.
it didn’t help 50 was destroying “murder inc” as well.
ashanti is known for her “work out” goals than her music.
even tho i love males,
this new picture of her right hereeeeeeeeeeee…

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Ashanti “First Real Love” With Jamaican Nem

tumblr_n1b8ezKSjL1sm6cmjo1_400ashanti been trying to launch this “braveheart” album,
like dr. dre and his album,
for a while now.
i almost gave up on it until i heard this single with beenie man,
“first real love”
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Ashanti Tells Us Something About Down Low Men We Don’t Know

tumblr_mpqbwjLSwf1rhy9yzo1_500i mean this gets a foxhole “duh” from all of us…

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ok so i want to start something new.
well, one that may start a debate in the foxhole.
i know we all like music here.
it brings us together as well as push up apart.
i am a big time music head myself.
but i often wonder when looking back,
who was i really feeling?
depending on how this go,
we will continue.

i’m excited about this….

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Victor Cruz and Ashanti Salsa The Night Away

Don’t get put in a chokehold Shanti.
You know this one here is taken…

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