um, can we font about ashanti for a second

i don’t care what anyone tells me:

Ashanti’s first album is a classic


she deserved all of her success for that album,
even though i hated “happy” at the time.
can i font that i was obsessed with this song from her second album…


she was the epitome of the “pretty hood vixen who dated the drug dealers“.
ashanti was riding high,
but as soon as this one dropped:

…that was pretty much it.
it didn’t help 50 was destroying “murder inc” as well.
ashanti is known for her “work out” goals than her music.
even tho i love males,
this new picture of her right hereeeeeeeeeeee…

the pose >>>
the complexion >>>
the hand around the ponytail >>>
bad bitch

she made me even have a tingle in my nether regions.
even tho she is about to turn 40,
she still looks like she is in her late 20s.
i think her not having kids helps.
if she was to come out with a bomb song and video,
especially looking like ^that,
she would sell some records.
i don’t think she will ever reach the success of her first album,
but i think with the right collab and hit,
she can emerge victorious.


low-key: 400k likes…


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ashanti push out a song,

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18 thoughts on “um, can we font about ashanti for a second”

  1. She made a new song with Meghan the Stallion and Da Baby called “Nasty”. It’s on Da Baby’s new album. It’s a remake of her song “Baby”. It’s sounds pretty nice.

  2. Beyounce made it hard for Pretty girls “Who couldn’t sing” to survive any more. Bey has body and a Voice to match .However, her material is kinda wack .. Ashanti had better material ( catchy songs) Bey stuff has to grow on you ,or you accept it because it’s her. ,,,,There ,,, I said it..

    1. Listen, once she put out “4” it was a wrap…her music to me became garbage. You saw the hood Bey come out to play and she came to stay. LOL
      That first album will always be my favorite of hers. I just can’t fuck with anything after “4”.
      There, I said it.

      If Ashanti could get with a good songwriting team or collaborate with some great songwriters, since she wrote a lot of her own material, and add a good production team to the mix…she could make a comeback of sorts. Shit, if Cardi B can blow up off the shyt she made…Ashanti could definitely have a comeback. Nobody got the genre on lock right now.

    2. Man listen lol I openly say I like Bey cause I “grew up” with her music/ persona but musically she’s never been my thing, the only album I ever had of hers WAS “Crazy in Love” and it was really my sisters’ lol I literally can count on one hand how many songs of hers I like

    3. You are not lying. I am an Ashanti fan for life but I wish she put out music. Tired of being an Instagram thot.

  3. I guess I’m missing something because Ashanti very much looks her age and that’s ok. Still a beautiful woman.

    Her material was kind of blah to me then and even more blah now. Ashanti came on the scene when it was DEAD as far as black female singers. Aaliyah had just died, Brandy, Monica, Mya were between albums or finding their sounds as adult artists. There was zero competition.

    Ashanti couldn’t give a decent live performance to save her life and this was with no dance routine. I remember the uproar when she won that Aretha Franklin Lady of Soul Award.

    I won’t deny her writing skills, but she was finished once Beyoncé came out. The drought was over, Murder Inc in general wasn’t hot anymore, and the bar was raised.

    Frankly, I’m surprised no one talks about how it was basically confirmed she was with both Irv and Ja Rule and they were both married. Lol I distinctly remember Irv Gotti confirming that.

    1. She was never with Ja Rule….Even Karrine Steffans confirmed this years ago. Stop reaching. Dislike her all you want but don’t lie on her!

      1. Facts and you are so right Irv yes Ja Rule no. I wish she come back and drop the heat. It’s been too long.

  4. She definitely doesn’t get her due. She ruled the early thousands with ja rule. It was either her own songs, a feature, or a song she wrote on the radio. She is to the early thousands as Nicki manaj is to the tens.
    It’s weird that all of a sudden people decided she was over. The same thing happened with brandy and Monica to a lesser extant.

  5. Imagine where her career could have gone if it hadn’t been sidelined to support Jlo’s barely there vocals. They did that girl so wrong.

  6. I get tired of people saying her career was bad considering her certifications for three first three albums. Ashanti had success, she just did not stay relevant over the years.

  7. I love her personality. She reminds me of an aunt that I have. I used to love her song “baby” I drove my family crazy cause all i would sing is the chorus all day.
    People forget that at one point the public preferred Ashanti over Beyonce. I think the nail in the coffin for Ashanti was that year her and Beyonce performed at the bet awards. Ashanti gave a very lack luster performance and Beyonce came through with Crazy in Love and her name in big bold letters. Bey made a statement that year and Ashanti waited too long to step her game up. All in all Ashanti has some good singles. She also should stop covering songs outside her range. Her cover of Whitney and Chaka did her no favors.

  8. Yeah I distinctly remember Ashanti having a good two year run (seemed longer in my memory) but yeah I was in 7th grade when “Happy” came out, and 8th when “Rock wit you” came out (when she was her most musically famous) but by 9th Bey had dropped Crazy in love and yeah I guess that was kinda it lol I remember in 10th grade She came out with “Concrete Rose” but that didn’t go anywhere

  9. Ashanti came out when singers had to be vocally strong. Her voice is good but very thin and light. She was constantly dogged for her voice, plus label stuff behind the scenes didn’t help.
    If Ashanti had come out today she would be fine. The expectation for black singers is different. You don’t need a great voice, just a vibe and Ashanti always had that.

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