write privately to me daddy

*i had a dream during my nap that i was in my bathroom.
when i turned on my bathroom sink,
this random pipe started to overflow dirty water.
the sink started to overflow as well.
i took a plunger and started to remove the clog from the sink.
once i did that,
there was no clog anymore…

i feel like if certain attentionistos had a journal,
they would keep their mystery.
not everything needs to be blurted out on social media,
especially their homophobic rants and raves.
that’s so not mellow.
one of my home-vixens inspired me to start journaling yesterday.
now i know what you’re thinking.

“I thought the foxhole was your journal…”


the foxhole is like my journal,
but open for the forests to read.
i’m very honest and transparent in here.
when i’m able to afford,
i want my layout to reflect a journal.

You thought I was gonna have like a forest or something?

too easy.
i always looked at this as a place where i can share my thoughts publicly,
especially big events like the work wolf situation,
but i’ve realized something as of late.

There are some issues that i have that i need to process privately.

some things i don’t feel comfortable sharing in loud font.
some stuff i need to work with my therapist and journal silently.
i wrote 5 entries about something that has been on my spirit.
it was messy,
and filled with word vomit,
but it helped me to process my thoughts to see it more clearly.

i may share it in the future with the foxhole,
but right now,
it’s something that needs to be handled one on one.

maybe you should start a private journal.
it could be written or typed up on digital paper.
you don’t have to write it perfectly or make sure spelling is correct.
there are things you been holding in that need you let out.
the pretty vixen uses her journal to script her life.
she told me she looked back on things she wrote that came through.
you can use law of attraction techniques while journaling.
journaling is a big part of self care and has shown to help tremendously.
( x read about it here )
another thing…

You don’t need to write in it everyday

you write when you’re sad,
ticked off,
that male you liked disappointed you,
or need a release that you don’t want to be judged by family and friends.
i say give it a shot.
it won’t hurt.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “write privately to me daddy”

  1. I started Journaling in 2016. I stopped and picked back up in 2017. Stopped again and have been back at it since the beginning of 2018. It legit is like my thing. Now I cannot imagine not writing. It helps me get my thoughts out and I like to be able to read and see my growth. I have an old school pen and pad (notebook). Something about the physical helps me. I also do writing prompts too. It is very therapeutic. I highly recommend it!!!

    1. ^see b!
      you get it!

      writing is better,
      but it’s such a violation when someone finds your journal and reads it.
      these days,
      i prefer to type it up and be as descriptive as i can.
      it has definitely helped.

  2. I am not a writer professionally but I know that I have the spirit of a writer. Therefore I consider myself a writer. Writing has always been cathartic for me. Ever since I was a child I had a journal. I actually still have a journal I wrote in from high school. This best thing is to look back and cringe at how deep I thought I was when I was a teenager. Some of the shit I wrote back then is something else but that is how I felt at the time, so I honor it. Another good thing about writing is you can identify cycles and toxic thought patterns. With journaling I’ve been able to break so many cycles within my own life. So I definitely agree that those in the foxhole who don’t journal should try it out.

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