write privately to me daddy

*i had a dream during my nap that i was in my bathroom.
when i turned on my bathroom sink,
this random pipe started to overflow dirty water.
the sink started to overflow as well.
i took a plunger and started to remove the clog from the sink.
once i did that,
there was no clog anymore…

i feel like if certain attentionistos had a journal,
they would keep their mystery.
not everything needs to be blurted out on social media,
especially their homophobic rants and raves.
that’s so not mellow.
one of my home-vixens inspired me to start journaling yesterday.
now i know what you’re thinking.

“I thought the foxhole was your journal…”


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when your ex leaks your private thoughts in your journal (klay thompson)

blogging has helped me tremendously.
i’m not the vlogging kind,
but being able to put my thoughts into words is like therapy.
this is one of the reasons i appreciate the foxhole so much.
this is literally my journal to the world.
if this was personal,
i’d probably be sick if someone leaked it.
that allegedly happened to nba baller wolf,
klay thompson,
of the “golden state warriors”.
one of his exes allegedly leaked his journal to “sports gossip”.
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5 Miles Til Blessings

gas-stationwe’ve been talking about so much bad stuff this week,
it has left me feeling empty.
we needed a refill on something positive.
i don’t know if you guys do this already,
but i do and it has provided nothing but blessings in my life.
sure i’m not living in my brownstone
or kerry rhodes isn’t in my kitchen cooking breakfast,
but i am beyond thankful for what i do have right now.
something told me to share it with everyone this morning…

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