your soil will be richer because you started the fire

“when i was pregnant with pearl,
i drove out to california and one night it was 2 or 3 in the morning.
 i saw this light coming over the horizon.
as i got closer,
i realized that it was a fire.
a prairie fire.
 i just pulled over and i watched.
and when the sun came up…

…the earth,
everything was black.
it felt like exactly how i felt.
it felt like the end of the world,
but then i had pearl and i learned things that i didn’t know before.
that sometimes…

You have to scorch everything to start over.

…and after the burning,
the soil is rich and life can grow there.
life that is maybe even better than what was there before.

people are like that too.
they’re resilient.
even from total devastation,
they start over and they find a way.” – mia warren, little fires everywhere

i know we are going through some tough times right now.
it feels like things will not get better,
someone has cut you deep,
nothing is getting better,
and you feel like you won’t survive.
sometimes tho,
we need to burn it all down so we can start over.
pour gasoline all over it and light the match.
once everything is destroyed,
we can start rebuilding,
putting our lives back together in our vision.

2020 has literally been devastation for all of us,
but this was needed so we could become better.
we needed to see those for who they are.
hell maybe…

Maybe people needed to see us for who we are.

i believe that if we truly want to achieve it,
you and i will grow back better after all these little fires everywhere.

generational curses.
let them all burn.

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