andrew gillum and the body cam footage hit the scene

andrew gillum is in the news once again.
this time,
the body cam footage and more pictures from “meth-gate” has been released.
a foxholer sent me the lead and wow…

so these are the pictures of what the room looked like:
(photos courtesy of the miami beach police department)

playing pi for a second,
is it me or…

Does this scene look “staged”?

maybe i’m respectful of hotel rooms,
but do folks really “party” like this?
it looks like shit is on the sheets and blood on the bed.
you know white shows all.
white underwear >>>

this is the body cam footage:

i’ll assume that black silhouette is an alleged andrew.
so boom:

In the initial pictures,
wasn’t he on the floor passed out?

he answered the door for the police.
so between what time and what time was he passed out in his own vomit?
it really baffles me he would allow himself to get caught up like this tho.

“What about your friends, will they stand their ground,
Will they let you down again?
What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown,
Will they ever be around,
Or will they turn their backs on you?” – tlc, “what about your friends”

my foxy senses is telling me he was set up.
this looks shifty,
but i’ll let the foxhole decide.

pictures cc: nbc miami

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “andrew gillum and the body cam footage hit the scene”

      1. Absolutely… this looks like it was planned to take him down….He must’ve done something mighty dirty to someone for them to destroy his life

        1. Could have been a political hit. You’ll notice no one is talking about Andrew in a positive light in spite of Desantis’s failings. No one is saying if only Andrew had won .

  1. He was totally setup!!! But what a dumb ass to get caught up in some shit like this!! Poor thing!! Oh well. I wish him well ❤️

    1. He probably was set up. Why do you think that right-wing ***** Candace Owens had the tea on this before almost anyone else AND allegedly was in conversation with that Yt right-wing activist who had outed Gillum a few years ago? Why does that room look staged? Why did she say the sheets were covered in blood and sh!t when it’s clearly vomit and ass-juice? To make it sound even worse than it was.

      On top of everything even despite all of this I would argue that Gillum, even on the DL and occasional meth partier, would have done a much better job dealing with Covid-19 than DeSantis. He probably would have followed the best practices to the T, trying to save Floridians’ lives. Instead, his life is in a shambles and Floridians basically have to hope things don’t spiral out of control with the Rona.

  2. I’m baffled tho, he opened the door and what i’m trying to pick out either nude or in briefs? The plot thickens here and boy soon the unedited version with audio will be here in no time on twitter.

  3. Its definitely staged. When the escort was let go, he wasn’t being charged, he lawyered up. Why are you getting a lawyer if you free to go? Now more and more footage is being released, for what purpose? Whoever set him up is making sure people see this. Whoever said the audio is next is right. They are going to release audio to keep this story going. If you opened the door for police how did you end up on the floor next to somebody foot passed out? What’s so special about making this story come to light.

  4. This all seems suspect. Iike why are the pills spilled all over. Aren’t drug users respectful of their drugs?

    1. They way they’re “spilled” is so suspect. It looks like someone poured them out and them spread them out to make them look as if they “spilled”.
      I can only hope that a cop with an eye for detail noticed that this was staged.

      I gotta say though, they tore that bed up! They separated that bad boy from the headboard.

  5. This is a non-starter. No matter how many details are released this isn’t going to overshadow the pandemic. Or the fact that DeSantis will still go down in bigger infamy for winning the election and murdering Floridians due to incompetence. It’s obvious Gillum was set up, and if I were him I’d take the time to sort my personal life out before going for blood. These white politicians rebound from scandal. So can he. The escort he was fucking with is a licensed healthcare worker so he’s hardly without something to lose.

    tl;dr stop fucking with white boys.

      1. I’m curious what you searched to find this blog. Imagine being this desperate to defend Desantis. A whole cuck

  6. Unpopular opinion :He’s a white men lover, that’s what he gets, if he loved the D that much, he should have gotten with a solid dl blk man

    1. A lot of people argue me up and down that a black man would’ve exposed him too, but I’m not buying it.

      Plenty of professional, educated black men would’ve protected him to the end, especially since he was major in Democratic Party. Wouldn’t even need to go to a hotel, if he’s walking around a black neighborhood in regular clothes no one would know anything.

      He seemed to like the white and Latino dudes that ultimately don’t give a fuck about anything but drugs and doing anything for the highest bidder.

      1. Agreed! I also believe Gillum was a snow queen chaser. Hence why he was in Miami during the time of a very white and gay circuit party. But the right wing GOP folks got the tea on Gillum’s secret addiction to white bussy and they plotted and planned, and next thing ya know, they got his ass. Hook, Line, and sinker! SMH Hate to see it.

  7. I have no doubt he was set up. Still does not negate the fact the only way he could be set up was if he was being messy in the first place.

    Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Governor himself was in on it. All these drugs and no arrests? No drug test or trip to the hospital to make sure they didn’t overdose? Very suspect.

    What bothers me is that he was even in the same space as these low lives, taking pictures and smiling like he was happier to be around them than his own wife. Ain’t no Latino, pass around culo worth all he’s dealing with now.

  8. I said they was gonna release this in the previous post on Andrew that they were gonna release this footage! The escort lawyered up cause he about to cash in or run his mouth. Plus there somebody gonna get charged with possession. See this why if you on DL you don’t fuck wit people that don’t got shit to loose. It could very well be a setup. Where is the other guy because it was 3 of them is my question?!?!

    1. You want credit for saying they were going to release the footage? It’s a public record of course it would be released. No points given.

  9. Months ago when I saw the bare foot in the photo and the other bare foot holding down Andrew’s left hand so the photo can be taken, I knew it was all staged. I just can’t understand why these people would go through so much trouble to destroy him? But people are generally evil when their base motivations are activated so I shouldn’t be surprised. Having said that I still hold Andrew responsible for mixing it up with these trashy people.

    1. Exactly. There’s no question he was set up. I wish he was more careful with the ppl he was hanging around. His situation makes me so mad. I hope he’s getting the mental support he needs. I know this shit must be traumatic for him. We all make mistakes, and i’m sure he’s beating himself up over this.

  10. I can not feel sorry for no individual who put themselves in those type situation knowing that they are public figure.
    these type of situation goes on way more than what we know about.

  11. They were having a good time, and you can tell he is used to dealing with those types that are into that kind of lifestyle and most of the time they are not black. As old as this man is, he really let himself get caught up, as if he does not have it tough enough being a black man into politics. I don’t know how he will recover from this that if he ever does. I still wonder whether or not his wife will leave, she has been quiet.

  12. Anyone think to consider the reason behind the setup? Think about it this guy was running for Governor and potentially could have won. With Florida a state that’s very key for the 2020 Presidential election, Biden would’ve needed this endorsement to win Florida. Now he can’t use him because he’s tarnished in the eyes of Floridians. There’s a bigger reason behind this setup.

  13. It appears the man that answered the door was nude. I don’t care how fucked up you are, ain’t nobody, particularly a Black male politician, gone answer the door for the police naked!!! It just ain’t happening.

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