is it wrong to feel good when someone gets their karma or…?

when bad things happen to those who hurt us,
they always tell us to take the high road.
we must not celebrate and all that jazz.
i think you should unleash a little bit of petty

it’s healthy,
in my opinion.

If Trump was to announce he was stepping down tomorrow,
would you feel guilt in gloating?

When a hyena murders your family member and they get the death penalty,
do you stop to wonder how they feel?

The person you thought was the love of your life cheated on you,
flaunted their whole relationship to spite you,
but all their shit ends up crumbling a year later.
Do you call them to express concern?

everyone has their day,
including myself if i’m out here hurting others.
what you put out there will come back to you.
we do nasty things to others and we get karma.
you know how people feel about that “k” word.
in the bible,
it’s “reaping what you sow”.
when people hurt us and they get theirs:

It’s okay to acknowledge it

you are human.
in all honestly it just feels good.
i don’t suggest being like joe exotic when it came to carole,
because he was extra af


but it’s okay to feel good about it.
the thing is,
you don’t dwell in that place too long.

Recognize and release

someone who did me wrong ended up getting karma today.
i lovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeed to see it.
my petty came out and i don’t care who feels some kind of way about it.
being a cancer,
there was a side of me that felt wrong for feeling the way i did,
but then i asked myself:

Did they feel bad when they hurt me?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “is it wrong to feel good when someone gets their karma or…?”

  1. Sometimes i believe in Karma and then sometimes i dont especially when entities and certain people have prosperity on the backs of those disenfranchised or that they’ve shit on collectively. But when people get their shit handed to them i feel damn good lol

  2. If Trump was to step down tomorrow do you know how many people will jump and shout and praise, even in other countries

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