bolo strips his way onto onlyfans (yes, another one)

remember when stripping wolf,
was the thing?

he use to be a foxhole fav back in the day.
i love my eye candy thick and stacked like pancakes.
well as you know,
there has been a surge in onlyfans pages.
folks have to make money somehow,
but the problem is many of the onlyfans aren’t living up to the hype.
bolo started an onlyfans page,
but are we okay with the price?…

34.99 for 1 photo and 4 videos?

now bolo is a successful stripper who has been in movies and tv.
he has the clout to charge that much for his onlyfans.
if he is offering the same stripping shit we can find on cersei lannister’s internet:

Shut your shit down immediately

it’s like kane kongg,
who is dababy’s bodyguard.

that thick juggernaut lookin pineapple posted this today:


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Oh word…🤔 F*ck it im in…😈 #ClickLinkInBio

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…which had a couple people in the foxhole interested.
the issue is that he uploaded 56 videos to his onlyfans today.
that came off as a red flag for me tbh.
well someone leaked what he is requesting 20 dollars for:

fine or not,
that is a whole scam.
he has stories with him working out.
if he said he was offering personal training services,
i could understand.
if bolo isn’t cumming with something different besides his ig content,
like smashing a vixen like this without clothes on:

…he can keep it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “bolo strips his way onto onlyfans (yes, another one)”

    1. You know I wish I had the money or body to get into porn. I’d love to see some experimentation or people seeming to enjoy it. I was watching some VR porn this morning and there are very few be porn videos available. And only five on the entire internet featuring black men. I LOVE muscle worship and I’d pay $40 a month for some VR muscle worship videos. But there are none to be found. You can download videos from onlyfans. I’d subscribe to one where no nudity was available if it was a hot guy flexing and dancing in VR. But these dudes be wand +$30 for a couple of videos where they hardly do anything. I don’t get it. How hard is it to film yourself jacking off a few times a week? They can’t act like they can’t afford to pay a costar. I’m betting their are plenty of guys who’d get fuck on camera for free. I see too many white guys taking only fans seriously to believe it’s that damn hard.

  1. Dudes, repeat after me. The majority of porn viewers are men. The majority of men are straight. You will not earn as much as a woman of comprable looks. Yes gay men are generous as fuck for eye candy ..yes gay men are delusional as fuck for eye candy. Yes gay men are easy to scam by eye candy (especially if you’re straight acting.) However there are way fewer horny gay men with disposable income compared to straight men. Women are a small minority of porn viewers. Stop chasing that female dollar amount. You’ll never get it. Price your shit appropriately. Women can literally sell their damn virginity. You can’t.

    1. IIRC, bryan Hawn was making somewhere between $30,000-60,000/ month on only fans based on his price and subscriber number.

      ….That’s a lot of money for a guy. But he was def in the outliers. And he’s not even that cute….And he’s scamming not even showing himself fully naked and INCLUDING ADS in his videos censoring content.

      A scammer. But he will sick Law dogs after anyone who calls him out. Had the longest argument w/ him once. Trash. But making bank!

        1. Bryan Hawn cultivated a following on YouTube. That’s how he was able to get so many subscribers. He wasnt just an Instagram model, and you are right he isn’t attractive in the face.

  2. These wolves after your stimulus checks.

    I think I mentioned in another post of the escort I follow on IG setting up his OF page recently. And so has Markus Patrick who is very gay friendly, but does videos with his wife(no penetration, but plenty pipe), and sings the praises of Jesus on his IG… go figure.

    Who’s next?

    1. Yea That Marcus Patrick is irritating!! He’s the type of guy that appears to be your typical “traditional straight“ guy with a wife and few kids, but the gaydar comes off so strong on him even though he’s already “gay friendly”! Something tells me that if given the chance down the line, we’ll be hearing about him “messin around “ with some unknown bottom!

  3. Let’s not pretend as well that this bubble isn’t going to burst.

    OF will reach an over-saturation point, and it’s not like youtube where you have a bunch of kids funding these streamers.

    If all you’re doing is stripping, showing ass, etc, people WILL leave. There’s too many people doing onlyfans right now and eventually people will get board. IDK how these guys who do it on a whim with no real plan think they’re going to maintain interest for 6 months, but hey, do you. But i wouldn’t be surprised if they lose subs in the coming months.

  4. I must say it is interesting to watch how people scramble to sell themselves online. Their entire image stuck there forever. The gays did this. Pumping these straight dudes heads up as if they are high quality and they are the same basic niggas you can literally walk into Walmart & see.

    My personal opinion, I think people who invest TOO much into Onlyfans are..wack. I mean supporting a few guys and women is cool but why not work toward the real thing instead of running up behind people you can never touch? I understand the social distancing and the risk of crazy folks out there but I be wondering do some dudes ever get tired of sitting at home beating they meat to fantasies all the time.

    It’s kinda strange that you can see that these folks are scamming and yet, ppl will still pay to see them and then get scammed and complain about being scammed.

    I have nothing against porn, just saying…People be paying for the most basic stuff….it used to be content you could go on Pornhub or Xtube to watch….now you can go on Instagram or YouTube cause dudes literally posting clothed exercise videos now on Onlyfans for $50…and the killing part… Some of them bastids aren’t even certified trainers..,🤣🤣

  5. Gtfo ..:34.95 to see Bolo strip. Why… his is videos are all over the internet… for free. 🤦‍♂️ Already folks on IG and OF are calling him a scammer!!! Ima hold onto my money 💴 Smh

  6. Who ever said that Only fans had to be some sexual shit. The gays started that. Before it was exactly what they trying to do now, a virtual site for whatever product, class, or show you tryna sell. I think people wanting it to be sexual says more about them than what these guys are posting. No one is saying anything about these white girls knitting on theirs or showing baking classes…

    1. Exactly only fans is just supposed to be more interaction with the individual doesn’t have to be sexual

    2. Well it all depends on price. If you charge $5.00 then it makes since to be basic. But if you are charging $20.00+ then you better be sexing.
      Ps. If your brand is stripping or almost naked workouts then you better not be knitting in your only fans.

  7. Bolo looks like he has aged and not in a good way. I watched his videos back in the day and he was pretty good. All of these strippers need to come off of Only Fans and develop their own sites, although Bolo is getting royalties from T V. Also, he strips for women only and would not like gay men to sign up on his Only Fans page.

    1. Not only has he aged but it seems he has let television go to his head. The sexy thing about him back in the day we he was doing videos in his little ass apartment was, he came across with a humble spirit which was part of his attraction. Now he comes across like an ego maniac, let Vivica boost his head up.

  8. Idk I just miss the variety in porn both straight and gay.

    Onlyfans may be more profitable for performers but they don’t have the vision of adult entertainment producers.

    Back in the day you could watch Booty Talk #628 and see a nice variety of women and black gay porn wasn’t all skinny heavily tattooed twinks or Drugged out straight bums.

    I feel like I lowkey need to purchase some of the classic porn of the past before it disappears forever.

  9. Wow my jaw literally dropped when I saw that just had work out vids like if people put as much effort into putting out good quality work than they did with scamming folk they would do alright sex sells even if he teased at it then finally dropped them nudes he would have done alright although porn is free people still will pay for exclusive content

  10. I follow his ig I don’t get he said he will show print of the dick but no nude I’m like bye felicia your a stripper not a doctor teacher etc keep that shit

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