your soil will be richer because you started the fire

“when i was pregnant with pearl,
i drove out to california and one night it was 2 or 3 in the morning.
 i saw this light coming over the horizon.
as i got closer,
i realized that it was a fire.
a prairie fire.
 i just pulled over and i watched.
and when the sun came up…

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jidenna let’s us know that gays were powerful in african past

i’m very impressed with jidenna these days.
after “classic man“,
i thought he was done.
he is on this whole new career resurgence and i’m here for it.
jidenna stopped by “sway in the morning” to discuss his new project,
but they asked him about trans and homo-phobia within the black community.
he gave an interesting answer about:

the male who allegedly committed suicide over dating a transgender
gay african leaders from the past
why males that beat others are suffering inside


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f0xmail: I Paid For His Lunch. Should I Ask For My Money Back?


Okay J…
First off, gotta say thanks for your site. You have no idea what it means to see someone existing and conquering that’s kinfolk.
I’m writing because I want your opinion on what I should do in the midst of an awkward office situation.
I work in an office where I’m one of four black people. I also happen to be the lowest on the salary ladder – entry level.
The other colored folk are senior staff pulling in well over six figures.
Recently, one of the [black] senior staff came by my desk and began making small talk about my college because I keep a small alumni banner in my area. #HBCUsStandUp
He tells me there’s a young man at his church who goes to my alma mater home from college for some random family reason, and goes on to say that he would love for all of us to do lunch.
So, his secretary sets it up and we meet a week later at a somewhat swanky restaurant I’d never been to across the street from our office.
After arriving late, he sits down, makes small talk, and casually mentions he left his wallet at home, could I cover it?
Not wanting to look a certain way in front of my young college brother, I casually nod yes meanwhile my mind is racing and my heart has stopped several times.

I budget my money down to the cent, literally. After paying my bills, (motherFUCK SallieMae) and pledging to not help family anymore and then helping family anyway, I am left with just enough to make it for the month, and sometimes not even that if a pair of shoes catches my eye.
I wound up putting the meal – $100 – on my credit card.
Now, the question is do I even approach him about repayment at all…
I feel like he set up the meeting and knew what this was gonna be. Sure, many men forget their wallets, but he knew he still had this meeting so why not cancel or postpone???
But then again, he’s a powerful man with many a connection and I don’t want him to pitch a bitch and hold a grudge if I ask for that money back … but clearly he knows I don’t do $100 lunches for 3 on me often, hell, at all, right?
But Lord,  that’s 10 edge-ups or 2 tanks of gas or a whole ass pair of nice shoes (2 if you know how to shop) …

Should I take an “L” on this one (in the name of networking – can’t front, I def benefited from having the opportunity to chat with him)?


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Run From The Dick. No, Seriously.

So you own a powerful piece of meat, do ya?

I see you feeling proud of yourself in the corner Wolfie.
You are a Wolf who thinks you got it like that.
And I am sure most of you do, but some of you others…
Eh eh.
I always wonder why most Wolves think they are beasts in bed?
They will fuck you inside out with their super hero dicks?

Why do all Wolves think they are the best thing we will have?

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The World is Yours.

People kill for it.
People kill themselves because they couldn’t get it.

One word that makes you intimidating and opens you up to anything your heart desires.


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