jidenna let’s us know that gays were powerful in african past

i’m very impressed with jidenna these days.
after “classic man“,
i thought he was done.
he is on this whole new career resurgence and i’m here for it.
jidenna stopped by “sway in the morning” to discuss his new project,
but they asked him about trans and homo-phobia within the black community.
he gave an interesting answer about:

the male who allegedly committed suicide over dating a transgender
gay african leaders from the past
why males that beat others are suffering inside


it starts at 18:40:

“if you go to different communities in west africa,
there were different rights of passages,
if you see a woman with a woman or a man with a man,
you were seen as more powerful…”

i loved the gems he dropped about being gay in african history.
being gay isn’t something that just popped up one day as a trend.
i respect that he reached out in the trans-vixen who was involved with reese.
that showed me character.
the way he broke down why reese may have been beating her was interesting.

You can tell which males are uncomfortable within themselves

even the gay ones.
yes ya’ll…
coming out doesn’t mean you’re com-fortable.

i didn’t know any of this,
but now i’m curious to go down that rabbit hole.
this is why we need to support each other.
“we” are so much more powerful when we work together.
i think we have been so conditioned to throw each other under the bus,
or find something wrong to “not support“,
it may take years to untangle all the mess.
i appreciate jidenna dropping knowledge for us to start learning.

lowkey: i like his new album,
85 to africa.
i listened to it the other day at work and was into it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “jidenna let’s us know that gays were powerful in african past”

  1. He’s the type of woke to keep you up at night pondering the universe’s unanswered questions about soul stirring sex.

    I just about fell in love during his Breakfast Club interview. Doesn’t get groupie hookups. Tried polyamory. Wasn’t for him. Wants monogamy. Finding himself.

    He auditioned for Scar in the Lion King. Disney turned him down.

  2. I’m glad he has a follow-up to “Classic Man” and the album the followed. He’s handsome, smart, and knows his biz. He also seems like a little sugar in his tank, so he could definitely get it.

      1. Btw, thanks for featuring him today. I just added his new album to my Apple playlists and it’s already a banger 🙂

        Track #1 “worth the weight” is on repeat for now.

        1. ^you’re welcome!

          my co worker put me on him.
          i didn’t know what to expect after “classic man”,
          but this album goes hard.
          he did really good and his personality shines a lot more than when he first came out

  3. That must be eons ago because now it’s really not good to be gay in all african countries (including south africa where same sex union is legal). They would rape you, stone you, stab you, hang you, burn you alive… no joke.

  4. I just finished covering this on my Twitter after settings a man straight about an LGBTQ agenda. To be honest, I don’t think there was a “gay” King but I would say bisexual is appropriate. In order to pass down the legacy you have to be able to have some sort of children but I do believe kings had multiple lovers including male which was normally.

    Africa isn’t a stranger to homosexuality by a long shot & it being introduced by white men is a big lie.which should be common sense.

    I’m surprised some of you are mind blown by this though. The same thing happens in the Middle East where men holding hands are seen as close friends..but they are hella homophobic, yet have a ton of DL dudes too.

    The only difference is the Western attitude regarding personal space.

    Question: Why are Black Americans so obsessed with Africa or calling themselves African Americans? The majority of them speak no dialect from Africa or follow the traditions to this day at all and are in no way closely linked to the original descendants brought here as slaves. I ask this question because today America is a melting pot that includes a mixture of races and I find it interesting that White people are not called European Americans even though their distant relatives are from the region and are instead just called White Americans but Black Americans are referred to as both…oddly yet Black Americans can’t get African American benefits or anything.

    I’ve been following up and defending some statements proposed by homophobic folks, one of them gaining a half thousand likes & I will continue to do so but only at random moments.

    I do kinda think brining up old customs is rather pointless though. This is a different era than it was back then. You can bring as much history or “facts” as you want. The real fact is if someone is willfully ignorant they ain’t having it regardless. They need something that will make them feel superior & they don’t care what you present to their face.

    I don’t even know why anyone would even entertain them homophobes otherwise..How can you take anyone seriously that reads a book which says homosexuality is not natural and goes against nature but then later the same book says a virgin can get pregnant, even though it also goes against nature & is perfectly fine …? So two men liking each other is out of the question but a woman having a child without sex isn’t? 🧐🤔

    1. I agree with the majority of your statement. I feel that Black people, myself included, have kinship with Africa, as it’s the home of most of our ancestors. We’re one of the few races that didn’t migrate to the land they now live, but were stolen and beaten. I think we have a “what if” complex when it comes to Africa. We live in a country that doesn’t want or respect us, and the motherland doesn’t understand us. However, i’m not certain about the opinions of Africans and they gay community. They look down upon gays, but let’s be honest, so does America.

    2. Black Americans are not OBSESSED with calling ourselves AFRICAN AMERICANS. That’s the label the government gives us. And you are right that whites aren’t called european because they actually know what country their people come from unlike black Americans who only know we were stolen from Africa. We don’t know which country in Africa and we don’t have the history because SLAVERY STOLE IT FROM US.

  5. “coming out doesn’t mean you’re com-fortable” I say that all the time. Always hitting the nail on the head Jamari!

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