take a mental picture of what you want and move on (for The Universe)

i’m starting to understand The Universe as i go.
it was really confusing to me,
but i think that was the issue.
i was making it a bigger deal than it needed to be.
for a long time,
i asked The Universe:

“Why isn’t this happening?!
I asked for it!

…and nothing.
that seems to have changed because i’m getting more “in sync” than ever.
this morning,
i was on my twitter feed and saw this tweet:

that polaroid jacket made me so hard foxhole…

the tweet-er said it was at a walmart in dallas,
but since there is no walmart in new yawk,
i was on their website lickety-fuckin-split.


after coming up empty,
i said to myself that i’ll find it some other time.
that was it.
consciously and subconsciously,
i let it go and moved on with my life.
that’s the keywords.

Let it go and moved on

 obsessing over something in our minds = lack.

so as you know,
i didn’t do laundry last weekend and was running out of undershirts.
i decided to go to pick some up after work.
i know.
i’m lazy.
something told me to go down the men’s aisle to see what they had.
why come…

The damn Polaroid jacket was there,
the last one at that,
in my size???

can we font?!

What’s meant for you will come,
sooner than later.

You got a desire that you want?
Take a mental snap shot and move on with your life in order to receive it

depending on what frequency you’re on,
what’s meant for you will come.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “take a mental picture of what you want and move on (for The Universe)”

  1. When I see something that speaks to my soul in a store, I’ll either buy all of them so nobody else can rock what I rock, or I bury them in unattractive clothes, hoping nobody else comes across them.

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