Run From The Dick. No, Seriously.

So you own a powerful piece of meat, do ya?

I see you feeling proud of yourself in the corner Wolfie.
You are a Wolf who thinks you got it like that.
And I am sure most of you do, but some of you others…
Eh eh.
I always wonder why most Wolves think they are beasts in bed?
They will fuck you inside out with their super hero dicks?

Why do all Wolves think they are the best thing we will have?

All that pre-gaming in texts.
The late night phone calls.
The nasty emails.
I’m sure you have received one or the other, my legion of Foxes.
And this is like an hour after meeting him.
Then you say, “why not?”
You invite him over/You go to him…
… and then all that turns out to be a FLOP… or maybe he was the best thing you ever had.

I have only met one Wolf who seriously fucked my brains out.
He didn’t brag about how good he could fuck.
Come to think of it, we never even talked about it.
He just asked to come over and when he did, he was exactly my type.
I wrote about him here.

He was amazing and he knew my body just right… even though we met for the first time that night.
A lot of Wolves think they can just stick it in and pound your brains out,
but there is a process to ultimate pleasure.
Some of these Wolves are lacking when it comes to making us cum.

It is a shame really because some of these Wolves either never had someone to teach them,
think they are too “cute” to be good in the sack,
or are just lazy and only out for theirs.
They all need to be banished to an island and basically fuck each other.

… or maybe the reason they do not fuck us the way we want
is because they usually have to not put any effort in the chase.

Let’s face it Foxes,
if we stop making the booty easier for these Wolves,
we may get the man of our dreams and some good penis to boot.
Not to say you can’t get a good fuck from a one nighter, but you may not get the Wolf in the end.

So I say,
for this new fox year,
try something new.
Instead of us giving it away for free…
let Mr. Wolf have a good chase.

And Wolves,
instead of indulging in east smut,
why don’t you open yourself to a chase this year?
You have had fun giving away the peen for limited time only.
Why don’t you enjoy the chase and put a little work for the long run?

When it come to sex, we pretty much BOTH give each other an easy job.
But I am tired of getting temp work.
I want the dick to be spectacular this go round…

It is all good until some nice piece/fat butt is dangling in your face,
then it maybe a whole different story.
Shit, I may just tell Devin Thomas go take a cold shower before I give him some
(ample pipe teasing of course).

But I wonder…

Are you willing to working for it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Run From The Dick. No, Seriously.”

    1. Really? Do you always chase the fox? I can’t see myself doing that all of the time. I enjoy being the WANTED. I don’t particularly care for the chase. We’re adults. You know what you want. I know what I want.

  1. I think that when Jamari says chase The Man and BBB, which I’m sure you both know he means like go after the fox who isnt the typical. Though I would agree that the want and chase should be shared, because no one wants to feel like they are giving more than the other person i. However, do to the fact that there are so many more foxes than wolves the foxes are mostly chasing the wolves. But I think that main point is, and not that you dont, but to invest in a dude of quality before you look at his “quantitative assets”

  2. The kid in the gif is Keyon from Fratmen/Fratpad/EbonyU. The look on the other guy’s face killed me though. LOL!

  3. The kid in the gif is Keyon from Fratmen/Fratpad/EbonyU. The look on the other guy’s face killed me though. LOL!

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