LaRon Makes The Drawz Cum Down

As you know, LaRon Landry is “That Wolf“.

He gets the Fox blood pumpin, don’t he?
He has been on my Wolf list for a few months now.
He is just that Wolf who drips masculine aggression.
Plus, he looks good as hell and has the body of GODS.

What makes LaRon Landry automatically get the heart?
Fuck the drawz…

First and foremost, he just looks like Confidence and Domination walking.
That is crazy sexy to me.
Something about confidence just turns me on.
I personally think that is the true definition on swagg.
I think that is why I like most Baller Wolves anyway.
They just look like men.
After seeing so many girls portraying themselves as men in this lifestyle,
I need some much-needed testosterone.
LaRon looks like if I was to have him walking next to me,
muthafuckas would clear out my WAY.


He has that look of good crazy.
One wrong move and he is swinging.

Secondly, and let’s be real, he looks like he as GREAT pipe.
Looking at him, I want him to put me on my back and fuck the HELL out of me.
But since we are trying something new,
he would definitely have to be bringing something to the table.
But for fantasy’s fuck sake, his body is like a kindergarten learning toy.
So you can be squeezing pecs, grabbin his booty, lickin his biceps, and scratching on his back.

But aside from all of that, he looks like fun.
In all his pictures, he just looks like he isn’t taking life seriously.
That is very attractive to me because I hate Wolves who just cannot have fun and be stupid.

… but alas,
if he was a Wolf in the Concrete Forest,
He would probably be my hubby, have a side Fox, and piping a few others on the side.
Or, do you think he would be different?

Shit who knows!

Let’s just admire and shut the hell up…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “LaRon Makes The Drawz Cum Down”

  1. He looks like the type to bust on you, swirl it around with his finger and lick it up followed by a devilish grin.


    I’m just sayin…

  2. He will prob fuck all of us in the reply section stupid twice and then take me out on the town. You Bathshebas can take a hike lol

  3. I’d play around with him…If you aint in yo drawlz or showing a vpl keep ur damn shirt on…Im tired of seeing the upper body,,,Pose in yo underoos damnit! Or sum sweats with nothing under….Show sumthin! You can pretend like it was an accident and you aint even know the dick was showing…ijs

  4. I am married to this man in my head. It makes no kind sense for him to be that fuckin fine! He is the type of guy that i would be caught fightin’ for on worldstarhiphop. LaRon is the truth!

  5. If only, If only… I want LaRon soooo bad, and not even to sleep with him or nuffin, I just want him to hug me and pick me up and give me a kiss on the cheek.

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